Entrepreneur Connect Africa 100 – #ECAfrica100

Sharing 100 Entrepreneur Stories in 100 Days a movement to profile Entrepreneur Connect Africa 100 inspired by African Visionaries Defying the odds and breaking new ground through a new movement called #ECAfrica100 goes live today using digital media platforms as the opportunity to share African business stories South African Visionary Vanessa Perumal through collaboration in business networks is innovating, breaking new ground and filling a much needed gap to amplify and market African businesses looking to find new markets, connect to clients

Afternoon Talk, 19 Nov #InTheSpotLight Vanessa Perumal. Managing Director, JT Communication Solutions

Content hosted by iono.fm SA Business Woman a finalist in the 2nd Common Wealth Business Women’s Network Awards Commonwealth Businesswoman of the year finalist Vanessa Perumal has turned her small business into a significant brand. This world class nominee has established a globally recognized business that has its main operations at The African Media Resource Centre of Excellence in Johannesburg. The centre is the result of the evolution of an idea of a business that goes beyond the ordinary. As the

BizConnect – Vanessa Perumal’s Contributions

https://bizconnect.standardbank.co.za/grow/growth-strategies/ready-set-plan-your-2017-business-growth-development-before-you-get-off-the-start-blocks.aspx Vanessa Perumal has been contributing to the Standard Bank’s BizConnect portal for a while now. View some of her contributions to this platform where she shares her insights, tips and business advise for Entrepreneurs in general but to SMME’s in particular. Vanessa Perumal is an award winning Social Entrepreneur, Connector, Lobbyist, Disruptor, Innovator, Visionary, Media and Marketing strategist and thought leader. She is a mom of two teenagers who loves cooking and is on a mission to share original African Narratives.

African woman of Influence challenges the migration paradigm through Entrepreneurship

Two decades of living and working in Europe, Beatrice Achaleke, a multiple award-winning serial entrepreneur, innovator an accomplished writer – listed as one of the most influential black women in Europe, the author of “Follow me to Africa – in an unspoken conversation with Nelson Mandela” and mother, relocates to SA to set up a partnership model with local entrepreneurs.   Armed with her suit cases, her two young children and her Globuntu business model from Vienna to Johannesburg Achaleke leads by