Entrepreneur Connect Africa, is about celebrating how we enterprise to transform our economy. We are on a mission to share and profile case studies from African entrepreneurs.

Our vision is to be champions in driving Entrepreneurship using our media expertise to channel content using technology to connect to global markets.
We aim to leverage networks, create platforms where we package content relevant to digital markets to amplify and scale businesses, transform economies and stimulate job creation.

About #ECAfrica and the Value proposition

To create content that untaps value for entrepreneurs
To link entrepreneurial offerings and unpack content to channel stories as a disruptor
To be an enabler in driving the agenda in creating employment by boosting
PR and marketing for businesses so they can implement effective business solutions and expand
To use our foresight to transform how business is profiled and conducted
Our value proposition effectively uses #ECAfrica to accelerate market access and connect business opportunities
Creating an Entrepreneurial eco-system that encourage collaborations and
Intra-African Trade among small businesses
Increase exposure to markets and driving sales for businesses to thrive.
To profile African entrepreneurs impacting real change in the sectors they are operating in
Our expertise positions opportunities and minimises barriers for entrepreneurs to link to markets
Find innovative to optimise business activity through effective communication.

#ECAfrica Events

ECAfrica Table of Ideas
Business Master Classes
ECAfrica Workshops
EC Africa Resource bank (Pay it forward)