Business Development

Business Development

JT Comms boasts a proud track record of delivering world class solutions for our clients and remains constantly evolving as one of the oldest level 1 - 100% Black Owned Empowered #BBBEE agencies. We are on a trajectory to position our agency to serve South African Entrepreneurs drive the economic recovery through tapping into enabling broad based economic empowerment strategies and solutions. Our value proposition is aligned to the National Development Plan of 2030 and focuses on creating content, stories and case studies which outline how the legislative frameworks authentically implemented to effect significant inclusive economic change.
We Offer Bespoke Enterprise Development Solutions
Home to the African Media Resource Centre of Excellence Hub
Founders and Custodians of the NPO – JT Comms African Media Resource Centre of Excellence
Producers of Bunnies in the Burbs
Architects of the #ECAfrica movement
Pioneering Entrepreneurial platforms such as #ECAfrica #TableOfIdeas
South African partner to Ada Labs Africa

Social Responsible Support JT Comms

Operating as Entrepreneur Connect Africa (EC Africa) and registered under JT Comms African Media Resource Centre of Excellence, our JT Comms (NPO) endeavors to proactively be a catalyst where we can use our skills as a Media, Comms and PR Agency to support responsible socio-economic impact projects.

The generosity of “Paying Forward” and doing good with our resources, skills and support is part of our DNA. Through aligning our vision to tell great stories we consciously seek to support humanitarian and also partner with for profit organizations and projects that offer social impact solutions
Over the years our CSI has enabled us to serve projects that are socially transformative through our #ProBono philanthropy to do good.

MINDS – Leadership Development Programme

African Youth Networks Movement

Regional meeting Lusaka Zambia

The Refugee Concert presented by Turquoise Harmony

Regional meeting Lusaka Zambia

Nelson Mandela Legacy Concert