Daveyton Leads the Charge: Memeza Community Safety Launches Innovative Project to Revolutionize GBV Reduction and Crime Prevention

Author: JT Comms
Date: 22 Aug 2023

Memeza Community Safety is poised to revolutionize crime prevention and combat Gender-Based Violence (GBV) through the launch of an ingenious project funded through the FirstRand Empowerment Foundation, 'Practically Reducing Crime and GBV through E-Policing Safety Tech, Response Networks, and Partnerships.'

Set against the backdrop of the vibrant community of Daveyton (Ekurhuleni), this pioneering initiative leverages cutting-edge technology to empower individuals, bolster community safety, and forge crucial partnerships. The project's unveiling, scheduled for August 24th coinciding with the end of Women's Month—ushers in a new era of safety dynamics in Gauteng.

The project, aptly named the "THE SYSTEMIC GBVF REDUCTION PROGRAMME," is made possible through a five-year funded programme by the FirstRand Empowerment Foundation. This partnership also includes collaboration with esteemed Public and Private organizations such as the South African Police Service, The Civilian Secretariat for Police, The Gauteng Community Police Board, The Department Social Development, Department Community Safety and Department of Education, as well as Private security partners such as AURA, SaferCity, BlueHawk, Eyes & Ears, and many local organizations.

Memeza, one of the GBV deployment partners and beneficiaries of the FirstRand Empowerment Foundation, will spearhead the event and showcase the initial phase of the project, which is set to roll out across various communities over the five-year period. Daveyton is the first community to experience the transformational power of this initiative.

The launch event, expected to draw around 500 attendees, will highlight the tangible impact of the project's Year 1 deployment in Daveyton. The project will bring forth a range of interventions, including the deployment of cutting-edge GBV Prevention and Reduction Technology, empowering the community to respond effectively to crime and GBV incidents.

The key highlights of the Year 1 deployment in Daveyton include:

  • 200 Memeza Community Alarms: Strengthening local security infrastructure.
  • 5000 Memeza Personal Alarms: Providing individuals with a means to seek help swiftly.
  • 50 SaferCity Mobile Panic Applications: Empowering teachers with safety technology (powered by AURA)
  • 5 Schools donated with Camera Equipment: Enhancing security in educational institutions.
  • Continued GBV Awareness Campaigns: Educating the community about gender-based violence.
  • 5 GBVF Responders: Employed locally to provide timely assistance and coordination (5-year employment).
  • Integration of Response Networks: Connecting various response networks with the technology provided.

Notably, the beneficiaries of this initiative primarily comprise black women, GBV victims, children, and other vulnerable groups, aligning with Memeza's commitment to protecting the most vulnerable members of society.

This venture marks just the beginning of a comprehensive five-year plan funded by FirstRand Empowerment Fund, that aims to achieve widespread impact across South Africa. The overarching goals of the program include:

  • 18 GBV Hotspots in 9 Provinces: Focusing on areas with the highest need.
  • 36,000 Beneficiaries Overall: Enabling widespread transformation.
  • 90 GBV Ambassador Jobs: Providing employment opportunities and expertise.
  • GBV Response Networks at Station Level: Fostering collaboration between public and private partners.
  • 5-Year GBV Awareness Campaigns: Sustained education and awareness efforts.
  • Research for GBV Systemic Reduction Blueprint: Formulating replicable strategies for other GBV hotspots.
  • Deployment of E-Panic Technology: Over 7000 Community Alarm Systems, 36,000 Personal Alarm Systems, 300 SaferCity Mobile Panic Applications, and more.

Thuli Mthethwa and Elmarie Pereira, founders of Memeza, were driven to create the organization after personally experiencing the devastating impacts of crime. Their partnership with the FirstRand Empowerment Foundation and other key stakeholders demonstrates a powerful convergence of public and private interests in addressing the pressing issues of crime and GBV.

By focusing on technology-enabled solutions and fostering partnerships, Memeza Community Safety is lighting the path towards safer communities, ultimately ending GBV and crime. As the inaugural community to experience this transformation, Daveyton becomes a symbol of hope for communities across South Africa.

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Issued by JT Communication Solutions on Behalf of Memeza SHOUT Community Safety – www.memeza.co.za

For more information on Memeza

Website: www.memeza.co.za

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