Founder's Vision in the Face of Crisis - Bridging the Solar Divide Through Innovative Stokvel Solutions

Author: JT Comms
Date: 12 Dec 2023

In response to South Africa's ongoing energy challenges, SNE' LANGA SOLAR SYSTEMS, affectionately known as COVIVI, pioneers a transformative vision. Founder Liyanda Ka Ndaba leads the charge in bridging the solar gap through innovative Stokvel solutions, propelling sustainable energy amidst the nation's pressing challenges.

In a pioneering move to bridge the solar gap in South Africa's marginalized communities, SNE' LANGA SOLAR SYSTEMS, known affectionately as COVIVI, emerges as a trailblazer in revolutionizing renewable energy solutions. Founded by visionary Liyanda Ka Ndaba in February 2020, the company not only envisions transforming the energy landscape but also pioneers innovative ways to make solar power accessible and affordable. At the heart of this groundbreaking approach is the recognition of the power and potential of Stokvel savings schemes, providing a unique solution to uplift struggling communities and democratize access to sustainable energy.

In a groundbreaking move to confront South Africa's persistent energy crisis, creating a solution to allow more communities to have access to Solar Energy is at the forefront of revolutionizing renewable energy solutions. Liyanda, a novice in the energy solar sector, occupied a seat and upskilled herself to find new solutions post Covid to remain relevant, pivot, and learn a new competency. Today, her company has swiftly adapted to become a trailblazer amid these demanding times where South Africa’s energy crisis is causing havoc.

The genesis of SNE' LANGA SOLAR SYSTEMS is rooted in the understanding that migrating to solar power is a pressing need for all South Africans, yet the challenge lies in covering the associated costs. Recognizing the proven efficacy of Stokvel savings schemes in struggling communities, where members pool funds to support each other, Liyanda Ka Ndaba identified a gap that could revolutionize the adoption of solar energy.

Liyanda Ka Ndaba has a personal connection to the struggle for sustainable energy access in South Africa, grounded in her mother's involvement with the Johannesburg Retired Teachers Association (JORETA). As the daughter of a retired school teacher, Liyanda attended JORETA's retirement pension fund meetings, using these gatherings as a platform to introduce her groundbreaking vision. In one such meeting, she passionately shared how Stokvels could serve as a dynamic vehicle for pooling resources, enabling each member to afford solar solutions. This engaging pitch unfolded before a captivated audience eager to embrace an innovative approach to harnessing solar power. The focal point of SNE' LANGA SOLAR SYSTEMS lies in the revolutionary Solar Stokvel model, strategically positioned to bridge the gap and democratize access to sustainable energy solutions. This visionary initiative not only addresses the immediate needs of struggling communities but also aligns seamlessly with the broader mission of integrating digital and tech innovations into the solar ecosystem.

The impetus behind the venture was the glaring issue faced by South African communities during load shedding. Liyanda recognized a need for reliable backup systems, and thus, Sne’langa was born. As load shedding continues to plague South Africa, Liyanda envisions the company as a solution provider, catering to the nation's pressing need for dependable energy sources.

As South Africa grapples with the extended challenges of load shedding and energy instability, SNE' LANGA SOLAR SYSTEMS has tailored its offerings to provide cutting-edge solutions. Liyanda Ka Ndaba, the founder, underscores the urgency of meeting the ever-growing demand for reliable energy alternatives.

SNE' LANGA SOLAR SYSTEMS specializes in the 3kva solar system, a popular choice among customers. Beyond installations, the company offers services such as solar panel cleaning, larger system constructions, and the installation of solar camera systems. Notably, the company embraces digital energy and the metaverse, utilizing digital tools and platforms to revolutionize the energy generation process.

The company's target audience includes stokvel groups with common goals and retired government employees. What sets SNE' LANGA apart is its unique solar stokvel model, accommodating all income levels and offering three flexible payment options. This inclusive approach enables the company to reach a broad spectrum of clients, including those with lower incomes.

Liyanda's journey started during a learnership period, where she gained valuable insights into energy transformation. Despite facing challenges as a woman in a male-dominated industry, she persevered, aided by a supportive external team. Overcoming skepticism about solar installations, she aims to make renewable energy adoption widespread, positioning SNE' LANGA as a global leader in green energy solutions.

In a strategic move to fortify township economies, SNE' LANGA SOLAR SYSTEMS is actively collaborating with stokvels. The company recognizes the transformative power of these community-driven savings schemes and aims to empower them further. Plans to approach the government for rebates for pensioners within stokvels underscore the commitment to community well-being.

Recognizing the significance of stokvels in South African culture, SNE' LANGA collaborates with these groups to provide alternative energy solutions. Members enjoy benefits such as free solar panel services and unique perks like a free iron and solar kettle with the purchase of a 3kva system. The company's role extends beyond business; it actively contributes to financial literacy and sustainable energy practices within stokvel communities.

SNE' LANGA envisions expansion by engaging with the government to secure rebates for pensioners in stokvels. Short-term goals include building a robust stokvel database, while long-term plans involve introducing solar stokvels to township businesses. The company has received recognition as a digital space innovator and aims to continue this momentum.

For customers interested in solar systems, SNE' LANGA offers flexible payment plans: cash on delivery, a 50% deposit with the balance on installation day, and a half-price option with a 25% deposit on installation day and the following month.

SNE' LANGA SOLAR SYSTEMS, born out of crisis, stands as a beacon of innovation, offering practical solutions to South Africa's energy challenges. The company's commitment to inclusivity, community empowerment, and sustainability positions it as a key player in the renewable energy sector.

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