Umdoko Internet launches a new event management platform

Author: JT Comms
Date: 10 Oct 2023

Johannesburg, October 10, 2023— Umdoko Internet is gearing up for a momentous milestone as it prepares to introduce a minimum valuable product (MVP) of Amusema, an event management platform set to make its debut this weekend. The company is embarking on a pioneering mission to transform the landscape of event planning and execution with cutting-edge technology. This impending launch marks a significant step forward in reshaping attendee engagement and event coordination, and it promises to redefine industry standards.

In response to a fragmented event management industry riddled with inconsistent service and quality, Umdoko Internet is set to launch Amusema, a groundbreaking digital platform poised to centralize event discovery, ticketing, and management. Amusema's unique selling proposition lies in its seamless integration of efficient event management processes with an intuitive, secure cloud-based service, offering event organisers an end-to-end solution for events of all sizes. From initial marketing to final reconciliation, Amusema empowers users to craft memorable experiences with simplicity, efficiency, and confidence.

Amusema's approach to event planning is built on three core principles:

Simplicity: Amusema streamlines the intricate process of event planning, allowing organisers to focus on creating unforgettable experiences without being bogged down by administrative details.

Efficiency: The platform accelerates event organization, making the entire process faster and smoother, ultimately saving valuable time and alleviating stress.

Confidence: With Amusema, event planners can rely on a system that ensures every event runs seamlessly and leaves a lasting impression.

As the event management ecosystem evolves, Amusema is poised to become an indispensable tool. It empowers planners and coordinators, making event planning not only easier but also more enjoyable. With innovative tools and seamless technology, Amusema is redefining event planning, enabling users to effortlessly create unforgettable experiences.

“Developed by Umdoko Internet (UI) the forward-thinking technology startup specializing in modern software development. Our custom software solutions align with the core objectives of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and are designed to help small to medium-sized businesses build software more efficiently than ever before” says CEO and Founder Shakes Mkhonza

The innovation behind Amusema

Amusema offers a comprehensive solution by managing the entire event lifecycle, from registration to post-event analytics. The real innovation will emerge as early adopters provide valuable feedback, helping refine and enhance the platform's capabilities. Built on a highly scalable Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure, Amusema leverages cutting-edge services for its development.

While the MVP phase is free to users as part of a trial, Amusema's revenue model will rely on commissions and administrative fees. With its robust foundation built on a well-architected AWS cloud infrastructure, Amusema is designed to scale efficiently. Post-MVP, it can expand to serve a wide range of target markets, unlocking unlimited potential.

The MVP launch is set to create awareness and gather feedback from early adopters to refine and enhance the platform. Umdoko Internet is committed to engaging with early users to understand their feature preferences, wants, and needs for further platform development.

Umdoko Internet's vision for marketing success encompasses building brand awareness, generating a pipeline of qualified leads that convert into sales, increasing website traffic, growing social media followers, and boosting product registrations and usage. The company's holistic approach to marketing will establish Amusema as a trusted and indispensable resource in the event management landscape.

Shakes Mkhonza, CEO and Founder is not your typical entrepreneur. By trade, he's a highly skilled software developer, but his heart beats to the rhythm of the music and events industry. With years of experience in hosting meetups, festivals, and music gatherings, Shakes has been a champion in promoting local artists and nurturing homegrown talent. His journey started from a simple idea born out of empathy for fellow event hosts and organisers who faced endless frustrations in attendee registration and overall event management.

He assembled a young and energetic DevOps team and ignited the Amusema Event Management Platform project with a visionary statement: "Let's build a platform to help my friends easily manage their events in an intuitive, easy-to-use cloud-based platform."

Hailing from the vibrant East Rand of Gauteng, Shakes embodies the perfect fusion of a software developer's precision and an event enthusiast's creative flair. His constant quest to create immersive experiences for the music and events sector has led to the birth of Amusema.

Amusema is not just another event management platform; it's an intuitive and secure ecosystem that empowers event organisers like never before. With Amusema, event organisers can:

  • Create micro-sites for their events within minutes, thanks to the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Securely gather and manage data entered by attendees.
  • Manage their events seamlessly via an intuitive and secure platform dashboard.
  • Communicate updates and news to event attendees across multiple channels.
  • Gather valuable feedback from attendees to enhance the overall customer experience.

"Amusema is an intuitive event management platform which allows event organisers to set up their micro-sites within minutes, this is only possible because we're using AWS," said Shakes Mkhonza, CEO and Founder of Umdoko Internet.

Experience the future of event management:

Event organisers can now say goodbye to the hassle of handling gigabytes of attendee data and the complexities of coordinating event communications. Amusema simplifies the process, allowing organisers to focus on what truly matters - creating memorable events.

Discover Amusema  at https://amusema.com and register as a user, and customize your event's micro-site with ease. Publish your event on the Amusema event listing, and watch your vision come to life. Receive prompt feedback from your attendees and gather valuable insights for future improvements.

"Whilst at MVP stage, Amusema eliminated the stress and hassle that would normally come with organizing such a big event at such short notice and it allowed me to make more money through streaming online, for those who couldn't attend the event or buy tickets in time. Amusema has given me comfort — I know that the data of my customers is highly secure," said Boity, event organiser at Small Events.

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Issued by JT Communication Solutions on Behalf of Umdoko Internet - https://umdoko.com

About Umdoko Internet: Umdoko Internet (UI) is a forward-thinking technology startup, specializing in modern software development. We create custom software that inspires people and drives businesses forward. Our cutting-edge technologies and solutions align with the core objectives of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). We assist small to medium-sized businesses in building software better and faster than their internal teams can alone

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