What’s On your Plate highlights Student innovation this Youth Month

As South Africa gears up to celebrate Youth Month, What’s on Your Plate is determined to give a voice to the youth passionate about making a difference in South Africa. In this innovative competition, students are invited to share their big ideas, while cooking up their favourite fare. Using a digital cooking platform, What’s on Your Plate is an online cookout competition that challenges students to cook a meal using the “student, fridge and pantry” all while sharing their innovative and

Mr Eksê – Graffiti at Newtown Junction – #NewtownJunctionArtProject

As art graffiti is amazingly effective. Many thousands see it and it almost always elicits a response, be it awe or anger. It pushes its way through the noise into the conscious and unconscious in a way few pieces of art are able to do in a world dominated by messaging. This year Newtown Junction has initiated a project that embraces the power and artistry of graffiti and supports arts and culture in the inner-city.   Dedicating the wall next to its