Sounds of Celebration

This Year’s Theme Of The Sounds Of Celebration Concert Highlights Our Responsibilities

For the sixth consecutive year, Sydenham Highlands North community centre in concert with Education Africa is overjoyed to bring the public Sounds of Celebration. There is no more opportune time than now to highlight our responsibilities not just towards the wellbeing of our immediate communities but to the welfare of society at large. This year’s theme ‘Heal the World’ (Tikkun Olam / תיקון עולם) will emphasise the roles we can all play in creating meaning from confusion; harmony from noise.

True social cohesion in South Africa in action – “Creating Harmony”

EDUCATION AFRICA is a South African non-profit organisation that has over 22 years of experience working together with disadvantaged communities to address the issue of inequality in education, a legacy left behind by the system of Apartheid. Our motto is: “Making real change happen; poverty alleviation through education”.  Currently we run 10 projects that address various educational needs in South Africa from early childhood development workshops to scholarship funding; from the distribution of bicycles to school children who would otherwise