The road to the Moretele Park Tribute Concert is paved with one last lunchtime concert and an exciting music workshop!

Excitement is building for the Moretele Park Tribute Concert 2016 taking place on Saturday 3 September 2016, in the City of Tshwane. The build-up to the concert is in full swing with the last lunchtime concert happening this weekend and a music business workshop in Pretoria on 27 August.   Over the last two weeks visitors to Newtown Junction Mall have been treated to a taste of Moretele at the lunchtime concerts. On Saturday 20 August the last lunchtime concert takes place

Remembering Dolly Rathebe – SA Youth uses school assignment to trace and support heritage and nation building

Singer and model Dolly Rathebe was one of South Africa’s great jazz and blues artists, her voice inspired a generation of music lovers. Now her life is being celebrated by young South African. Taynita Harilal, a Grade 12 learner at Parktown High School for Girls was so inspired by Rathebe’s life, talent and her ground breaking contribution to South Africa music that she has set out to remember her in ways that will both her honour her memory and her