African Narratives

Dolly Rathebe Maverick Extraordinaire

Inspired by a school assignment which my daughter Taynita Harilal worked on for her History Grade 12 project in producing African Narratives the opportunity to create legacy content and information that can advance South African heritage using digital becomes easier to share. The ten things I have learnt about Dolly Rathebe, a maverick and extraordinary South African who was an artist, actor, model, singer and fashion icon and was born in Randfontein on 2nd April 1928 and passed away a the

The power of Citizen Journalism to disrupt media apathy in South Africa using digital technology

Inspired by Wouter Kellerman and Ricky Kej winning the 57th Grammy for Best New Age Album  A few thoughts on how we can influence the profiling of positive stories in the media, especially game-changing narratives that need to be heard, in a country where African stories play second fiddle to Western/ European news. Following concern about the media apathy in covering South Africa’ first ever No. 1 Billboard New Age Chart topper Wouter Kellerman’s recent Grammy Award win for his collaborative album