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Social Investment & Responsibility

JT Comms

At JT Comms we believe that culture determines an organization’s ability to execute its chosen strategy. Ploughing resources, time and energy back into our chosen initiatives, creates a culture-of-Support that is integral to our reputation as a responsible corporate citizen.

The Media Resource Centre will also aim to set an example by developing a culture that puts the independent artists and media professionals first. In supporting the development, packaging and diffusion to market of the content produced at this hub for media economy.

Our partnerships are essentially about using the "each-one, teach-one" principle. To create opportunities in the world of arts through practical initiatives instead of fostering a culture of dependency.

Vanessa Perumal

We believe the model we are talking about can be replicated elsewhere in the country and could make a difference in the nation's job creation effort!

Vanessa Perumal