Scaling content from awareness and hype to bums on seats

Ten options that could shift markets

The creative economy thrives only when the full value chain of the wheel turns and the traction allows for growth to all stakeholders.

South Africans are known to appreciate and support any offering that showcases Western, European music offerings over domestic or African products. The problem with this equation is that when market opportunities allow for SA content to be showcased. Often the reality is that music platforms don’t translate to financial income projections Based on African trends this could be a recurring trend continentally

In a technology savvy era where social rules the roost does medium translate to scaling awareness to audiences who will pay to support domestic music offerings from events, festivals, selling CD’s, create demand for speaking engagements, brand ambassadorship etc. The effort to work in collectives must be key to champion a shift in audience development.

Understanding your target market needs is essential. To test market it’s important that artists are constantly in tune with their audience needs. Social media platforms allow for broader engagement. However even in a social media era stay ahead of the pack and speak to your audiences on their platforms

Produce music offerings that can be scaled to fit with demand of your audience base vs producing around your needs. Distinguish between authenticity and self indulgence. With revenue stream challenged artists need to think out of the box in all their offerings

Create ambassadors for your brand and products

Feed into the demand and not the wish list

Concentrating on your artistic excellence is no longer possible if there are gaps in the value chain

Create the market you need to scale your offering, Whether its for a concert in the Park, a full-on theatre, a festival bill with other artists a

Build your network and create your future audience

See real estate as an opportunity to profile