Revolutionizing Safety Tech and Partnerships for Community Well-being - 16 Days of Activism

Author: JT Comms
Date: 6 Dec 2023

In a profound initiative merging technological innovation with the urgent fight against gender-based violence (GBV), Memeza Community Safety proudly unveils its Systemic GBV Reduction and Prevention Programme in Tshilwavhusiku, Limpopo, timed strategically with 16 Days of Activism.

Memeza, a pioneer in leveraging cutting-edge technology for community well-being, continues to make impactful strides in the sector. Through its FirstRand Empowerment Foundation-backed programme, Memeza aims to not only address but actively reduce GBV, marking a pivotal moment in the ongoing battle against violence towards women and vulnerable communities.

The Memeza GBV Reduction and Prevention Programme takes centre stage in Tshilwavhusiku, Limpopo. Following the successful pilot in Daveyton (Ekurhuleni), this initiative continues to push boundaries in crime prevention and GBV reduction through cutting-edge technology, e-policing safety networks, and strategic partnerships.

This launch of the Memeza GBV Reduction and Prevention Programme, funded through the FirstRand Foundation Empowerment Fund takes place on 6 December 2023, Ravele Community Hall, Tshilwavhusiku, Limpopo.

Founder and visionary, Thuli Mthethwa, states, "Our commitment to combating Gender-Based Violence and fostering community safety remains unwavering. This Limpopo launch is a testament to the impact Memeza can make, addressing the urgent need for systemic change."

The unveiling in Tshilwavhusiku, Limpopo, strategically aligns with the 16 Days of Activism, emphasizing the urgency and unity required to address GBV comprehensively. This launch event expects over 600 delegates, including prominent figures across various sectors, showcasing a collective dedication to combatting GBV and enhancing community safety.

The Tshilwavhusiku project promises a transformative journey, marked by community-based interventions, the deployment of GBV Prevention Technology, and the establishment of response structures. Leveraging technology and information systems, this initiative, sponsored by the FirstRand Empowerment Foundation, seeks to reduce GBV and crime, protect educational resources, enhance response mechanisms, create jobs, and uplift the community.

The Systemic Reduction and Prevention of GBV Programme, pioneered by Memeza and supported by partners such as SAPS, CPF, CSPS, and DSD, aims to create robust community-based SGBVF reduction programs. It is poised to provide technology solutions linked to SAPS and GBV response networks, fostering a united front against gender-based violence and crime.

This GBV Reduction and Prevention Programme Limpopo, stands firmly on a multifaceted approach to foster community well-being. The primary objectives include a targeted reduction in gender-based violence (GBV) and sexual offenses, aiming to create safer environments for residents and learners in schools. Simultaneously, the programme strives for a general reduction in crime, working towards cultivating an atmosphere of security and trust.

As a holistic measure, the programme aims to enhance the response to both GBV incidents and general crime, fostering a swift and effective intervention system. In the pursuit of broader community development, the programme commits to creating job opportunities, fostering community cohesion, and uplifting the collective spirit. The establishment of a dedicated GBV Response Network further solidifies Memeza's dedication to creating a resilient and interconnected community ready to address and prevent gender-based violence.

The comprehensive GBV Reduction Programme anticipates significant results, including a targeted reduction in GBV by 5 to 20% across communities. In addition, the initiative is set to create 10 vital community jobs, ensuring economic empowerment and sustainability. Furthermore, 100 teachers will benefit from a the Memeza SaferCity mobile panic app, granting them swift access to social workers in case of emergencies. As part of household interventions, 200 Memeza Community Alarms will be installed in GBV-affected homes, enhancing security and providing a rapid response mechanism. Additionally, the distribution of 2000 Memeza personal alarms to GBV victims further amplifies Memeza's commitment to fostering safer communities.

“Scaling this transformative initiative in Tshilwavhusiku, Memeza's ripple effect is poised to inspire similar movements, creating safer communities and setting an example for impactful GBV reduction programs worldwide. The battle against Gender-Based Violence transcends borders, and Memeza Community Safety stands as vehicle to support efforts to advocate for a safer, more secure future” adds Mthethwa.

Join us in this groundbreaking endeavor, uniting against crime and standing in solidarity for safer communities.

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Issued by JT Communication Solutions on Behalf of Memeza Shout Community Safety

Note to Editor:

Memeza joins 16 Days of Activism event of the Systemic GBV Reduction and Prevention Programme, in Partnership with the Civilian Secretariat of Police, South African Police Services, Department of Social Development and Limpopo Community Policing Forum.

Memeza Community Safety is poised to revolutionize crime prevention and combat Gender-Based Violence (GBV) through the launch of an ingenious project funded through the FirstRand Empowerment Foundation, 'Practically Reducing Crime and GBV through E-Policing Safety Tech, Response Networks, and Partnerships.' Limpopo province is the second role-out with the first project launched in Daveyton (Ekurhuleni, Gauteng), which was a pioneering initiative leveraging cutting-edge technology to empower individuals, bolster community safety, and forge crucial partnerships. The Limpopo unveiling is intentionally , scheduled to coincide with 16 Days of Activism against GBV

Memeza, one of the GBV deployment partners and beneficiaries of the FirstRand Empowerment Foundation, will spearhead the event and showcase the project, which is set to roll out across various communities over the five-year period. Tshilwavhusiku, Limpopo is the second community to experience the transformational power of this initiative.

The project will assist in creation of community based SGBVF reduction Programmes and response structures, directly linked to predominantly black female SGBVF victims, using technology and information systems, supported by Public Private partnerships. Recipients will receive variety of GBV prevention technology, linked to SAPS and GBV response networks.

The Project objectives are

  • Reduction in GBV and Sexual offences
  • Reduction in crime in general
  • Reduction in theft of Educational ICT
  • Improved response to SGBVF and Crime
  • Job Creation
  • Community Cohesion and Upliftment
  • GBVF Response network

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