Partnership Empowers School Safety with Innovative Tech Solutions

Author: JT Comms
Date: 9 Oct 2023

In a groundbreaking partnership backed by compelling data, Memeza Community Safety and AURA have joined forces to spearhead a remarkable transformation in school safety and crime prevention across South Africa. This strategic alliance leverages data-driven insights and harnesses the power of smart, scalable, and disruptive technology to address urgent security needs, particularly in the vulnerable communities where the protection of educational Information and Communication (ICT) has become an imperative.

In a collaborative effort to safeguard the future of South African children and protect the educational information and communication technology (ICT) essential for their growth, Memeza Community Safety and AURA have joined forces. This strategic partnership aims to address critical issues surrounding school safety and crime prevention, focusing on vulnerable communities where formalized response networks are limited.

Over the past year, 1334 public schools and early childhood development (ECD) centers have fallen victim to burglaries resulting in the theft of educational ICT equipment. This poses a severe threat to the education of our youth, as illiterate youth are statistically more likely to become involved in criminal activities. Vulnerable schools, often located in township areas, face the challenge of affordability when it comes to security measures. Additionally, their high-risk status often makes it difficult for them to secure insurance coverage, leaving them unable to replace stolen educational ICT equipment.

The partnership between AURA and Memeza, which was established approximately four years ago, seeks to address these critical issues. Memeza's unique security solution, strategically acts as a early detection system that helps pro-actively identify potential threats. In the event of an attempted burglary, systems alert the Memeza monitoring center using sound and visuals. Upon verification, the center mobilizes the Public response structures, with AURA playing a pivotal role in linking to the wider Private security response sector. AURA’s technology will automatically dispatch the nearest vetted armed responder to each school. The utilisation of the AURA platform has and will continue to drastically reduce response times, allowing for true crime prevention.  Other essential partners in this collaborative effort include Eyes & Ears Network, Business Against Crime, SaferCity, SAPS, local Community Policing Forums and Department of Education.

Currently, AURA is actively involved in helping Memeza protect 187 no-fee-paying public schools Nationally, many of which are primary schools. These schools have received educational ICT equipment and learning programs through corporate sponsorship, primarily aimed at enhancing mathematics and reading literacy. Unfortunately, these schools often lack security and response measures, rendering them unable to access insurance coverage. Memeza's nonprofit approach addresses this gap by securing educational ICT through specialized solutions, which is mostly funded through sponsorship.

Thanks to the partnership with AURA and other key collaborators, Memeza has achieved a remarkable 98% success rate in preventing educational ICT theft. Additionally, the schools involved have experienced a 100% insurance claim payout rate. This partnership stands as a testament to the power of collective action in securing the future of South African children's education.

“We partnered with AURA because of their track record and their global leadership in making instant and reliable security and medical assistance more accessible and affordable through the deployment of cutting-edge technology. In a country where only 2% of the population has access to private emergency response services, tens of millions of South Africans require access to affordable private solutions. AURA recognizes this pressing issue and is committed to bridging the gap in both developed and developing countries” says Elmarie Pereira, CEO & co-founder of Memeza Community Safety.

The partnership between Memeza Community Safety and AURA signifies a transformative step toward enhancing school safety. By integrating AURA's innovative technology into Memeza’s existing ecosystem, Memeza empowers schools with instant emergency response services. This integration enables Memeza to offer its users the closest vetted private security and medical response units, ensuring rapid assistance in times of need.

"As Memeza Community Safety and AURA embark on this transformative journey, we recognize the critical role of safeguarding educational ICT in our schools. South Africa grapples with a significant and persistent challenge – a high crime rate that impacts communities and threatens the future of our children. In this context, ensuring the security of these essential tools for learning is paramount. By partnering with AURA's innovative technology, we are not only protecting valuable assets but also nurturing the potential of our future leaders. Together, we stand united in the fight against crime, committed to creating an environment where education can thrive, unburdened by the shadows of insecurity that have plagued our communities for far too long. We believe that through this partnership, we can not only strengthen school safety but also contribute to a safer South Africa for all,’’ says Pereira.

For media inquiries, pictures of the launch and further information, please contact: media@jtcomms.co.za or call 011 788 7632

Issued by JT Communication Solutions on Behalf of Memeza SHOUT Community Safety

For more information on Memeza - Website: www.memeza.co.za

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