Mr Eksê – Graffiti at Newtown Junction – #NewtownJunctionArtProject

As art graffiti is amazingly effective. Many thousands see it and it almost always elicits a response, be it awe or anger. It pushes its way through the noise into the conscious and unconscious in a way few pieces of art are able to do in a world dominated by messaging. This year Newtown Junction has initiated a project that embraces the power and artistry of graffiti and supports arts and culture in the inner-city.


Dedicating the wall next to its Nedbank Offices, Newtown Junction will regularly showcase the work of Joburg’s many talented artists. The first mural to catch the eye of visitors, shoppers and passersby is by the multi-talented artist Mr.Eksê.  His recently finished work – JoVendor’sBurg – is a tribute to the many female vendors who line Joburg’s streets. They are, he says, “the unassuming backbone of the city’s economy.”


With two decades of street art to his name, Mr.Eksê favours graffiti over other mediums declaring it the most democratic of all art mediums.


“As artists we are committed to sharing the beauty and transformative power of visual art with the widest sector of people. We liberate art from the confines of galleries and encourage ordinary people to imagine and dream as they go about their daily lives,” he says.