LEADER REMEMBER by Gcina Mhlophe



by Gcina Mhlophe


Leader Remember

The time you spent

Fighting for your freedom

And that of your people

The time you played hide and go seek

With the oppressor man

Till he caught you at last

Put you in chains and leg irons

Threw you in jail

Believing in his rotten heart

That you’ll never again

See the light of day


Leader Remember

How strongly you fought

Your freedom loving spirit

Kicking hard and refusing to die

Your vision for a better day

Giving you power and endurance immeasurable

In that cruel torture chamber

While you body lay on the cold cement floor

Your spirit escaped through the window

And went to mingle with other spirits

Of countless freedom fighters

Deep in Africa’s rain forests

Where the Equatorial moisture whispered

That timeless message all freedom fighters know;

Don’t give up

Don’t give up

Here, take with you


Self respect


Fight for your people!


Leader Remember

The day you walked out

The very minute, the very second

As your right foot stepped outside

Outside the gates of that jail

Fist in the air, sun in your face

The joy that washed over you

Like bucketful’s of honey

The pain that touch your soul

Like a poisoned arrow

Of wasted years and potential

At the same time you eagerly greeted

The mammoth task that lay ahead

You vowed and promised

To do all in your power

To build a better future for you and your people


Leader Remember

The long suffering women and men

The dignity they lost

Think of the very young and the very old

The hunger they learnt to live with

In the land of plenty

Leader remember

The promises you made

The hope you represent


Leader remember

You now stand , at history’s cross-roads

Compass in hand

The walking stick of your people’s experiences

Helping you feel the potholes

As you lead the way

Leader remember, corruption and lies

Will no doubt, double the pain they once knew

Please remember, betrayal hurts

Much more that the sting of a million scorpions

Leader Remember

We wish you peace in your heart

We wish you the Eagle’s sharp vision

We wish you the Ancient African Tortoises wisdom

We wish you the Mighty Elephant’s memory

So Leader Remember

The Mystic Equatorial moisture whispering

That timeless message all freedom fighters know;

Don’t give up

Don’t give up

Here, take with you


Self Respect


Fight for your people!


p/s ( the fight is never over…Leader remember)