Launch of TICE adds game-changing player to continuing education sector

Author: JT Comms
Date: 6 Jun 2019

The launch of the Tshwane Institute for Continuing Education (TICE) on June 6th 2019 sees an exciting – and uniquely experienced - player join this important sector of the South African economy.


The Tshwane Institute for Continuing Education (Pty) Ltd. (TICE) is a wholly owned subsidiary of TUT Enterprise Holdings (TUTEH), itself a wholly owned company of the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT).


TICE’s vision is to be most effective catalyst and facilitator of positive, developmental and value creating transitions in human capital. This is driven by its positioning as part of TUT which provides TICE with a rich understanding, and deep insight, into the value of technical skills in the continuing education sector.


Occupying this niche means TICE stands out in the training and skills development market  - and is poised to make a difference at a time when the world and Africa stand on the cusp of a seismic shift in human capital requirements.  As part of enabling this transition, TICE’s offering focuses on transitioning the unskilled into the skilled, the technical into managerial and entrepreneurial, and the small businesspeople into large businesspeople


In this trailblazer position, TICE aims to facilitate skills development, continuing education and continuing professional development in South Africa. As part of its broader vision, the institute also intends to play a meaningful role in strategically selected countries on the African continent. TICE’S secondary, but no less important purpose, is to assist organisations and individuals to transition their competencies and skills into the “Future of Work”. This is especially urgent while the current world of work, with its attendant set of competencies, is transitioning to the future world of work, with its attendant new competencies.


“TUT has always had a passion for further learning but we’re now taking this into a vibrant, robust and innovative standalone institution,” says Nkuli Maphanga, TUT Enterprise Holding Communication and Stakeholder Manager. “We’re extremely excited about the role we can play in the South African and African economic and educational landscape through TICE and look forward to working with organisations and individuals in this endeavour.”


Historically, TUT has offered Short Learning Programmes (SLP) in various faculties and departments. Now, the university has co-ordinated these different SLPs into a single entity in the form of TICE.


TICE will operate as a network orchestrator in facilitating collaboration with and within TUT as well as with other role players.


TUT excels at several niche areas – and these will be leveraged as part of TICE’s offerings. Initially, short courses will be offered in Engineering, Programming, Information Science, Environmental Science, Arts, Data Science, Leadership, Research, Sales and Marketing and Communications.


A strong area of focus will be Needs Identification Analysis by TICE’s expert team. This will include working organisations to identify and analyse gaps that can be closed through SLPs. In this way, TICE will assist in building the country’s labour force. “As part of our Needs Identification Analysis approach, we will leverage TUT’s standing as the leading university of technology on the African continent,” add Maphanga. “In this, we are more than simply a continuing education institution but an institution that is playing our part in preparing the nation for the future world of work.”


Alongside governmental agencies, the private sector and individuals, TICE’s different stakeholders include TUT itself, with the aim of upskilling staff and current students to take their place in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. TUT alumni will also benefit from courses specifically aimed at upskilling former graduates in the transition to the new, digital space.


In the near future, TICE’s SLPs will be supported by TICE-curated educational events such as conferences, symposia, and colloquia that will establish the institution as an expert in the nexus between technology and the “Future of Work”.


The newly-launched TICE website provides an extensive library of further learning courses as well as details of dates and locations of upcoming SLPs. Courses lined up include Principles & Practices of Project Management, taking place on June 24th for four days. This will be followed by a five day SLP in Applied Statistical Methods of Data Analyses for Postgraduate Level Studies and Research.


For more information go to: www.ticeafrica.com


For media related queries, photos and interviews requests please email JT Comms on media@jtcomms.co.za or call 011 788-7632.


Issued by JT Communication Solutions on Behalf of Tshwane Institute For Continuing Education (TICE)


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