JT Comms

Who is JT Comms
A Talent Pool of Experts in Journalism, Content Creation, Researchers, Writers, Public Relations Professionals, Publicity, Media, Marketing, Social Media Management, Video & Audio Content Production and Post Production Editing.

  • Producers of Bunnies in the Burbs
  • Architects of the #ECAfrica movement
  • Home to the oldest African Media Resource Centre of Excellence Hub
  • Founders and Custodians of the NPO – JT Comms African Media Resource Centre of Excellence.

Our Vision
To be a conduit in producing effective and relevant African content that’s definitive and packaged for digital global penetration taking our client’s offerings to the global village.

Our Purpose
To be relevant and provide a 360-degree communication solution to how we produce content, distribute and link your product offering to your market while continuing to be the source for media players as the first go-to point in sourcing authentic content.

What are our Values/ The JT Comms Distinction

Transparent and Authentic
Our approach to everything we do at our agency reflects the lengths we go to, to ensure output that is authentic and uniquely tailored to each client. We offer unique solutions to our clients and are intentional in how we handle each project and manage clients’ expectations.

Our authentic and transparent approach guarantees High-value returns on investment for our clients which is what we aim for and what they expect.

Focus on Empowerment
We believe that we are as strong as our weakest link and therefore JT Comms is passionate about empowerment through Skills development, Knowledge transfer and in-house promotions for the team to grow.

For our clients and other stakeholders, we create platforms to assist in transferring information and knowledge such as #ECAfrica, Bunnies in the Burbs, Amplifying African Excellence among others.

We believe in being accountable to all our stakeholders and endeavour to deliver excellent service as a consequence. In the past 16 years that we have been in business, our track record and relationships reflect our commitment to the highest level of accountability to our stakeholders.

Compliant & good corporate citizens
We are a level 1 BBBEE, 100% Black Owned Agency that prides ourselves in staying compliant and ensuring all practices adhere to the sector guidelines.
Being transparent and accountable receives a high level of trust and confidence in our brand.

Benchmarking and Content Futurists
We are the first and Oldest Black PR, Media, Communications agency that has walked the long entrepreneurial journey and faced challenges BUT has survived to see 16 years of operation. Our secret lies in how we constantly evolve through Pioneering innovations that see High-value ROI for every client that invests in us.

Our agency launched the first-ever African Media Resource Centre of Excellence which is a hub where the magical story of African Business Excellence is crafted and packaged for diverse digital media platforms.

Local, Regional and International footprint
Our proud journey and expertise have allowed us to work on projects beyond our borders. Though based in South Africa, we are highly accomplished and well versed on African Economies and we have worked on projects that go beyond South Africa, SADC and the continent such as all the Music Markets worldwide; South Africa World Cup 2006 Handover in Germany & 2010 in South Africa; African Union project – Billionaires Against Ebola in Addis Ababa and many others.
Our journey has placed the agency as Global experts in the African business environment and on producing authentic African content.