ECAfrica, a social impact tech startup dedicated to empowering African entrepreneurs, is excited to celebrate Mandela Day in a unique way.  We're creating a space for connection and conversation by hosting Open Fireside Chats. This event coincides with the successful completion of Season 1 of our insightful podcast series, "ECAfrica Talks."

In the spirit of Madiba's legacy, ECAfrica is thrilled to reopen our African Media Resource Center, the heart of our Fireside Chats. This space, previously dormant due to COVID-19 restrictions, will once again serve as a platform for knowledge sharing and community building.

By creating the ECAfrica fireside chats, our goal is to connect with a like-minded community of entrepreneurs, public sector leaders, private sector innovators, and engaged citizens. This initiative aligns perfectly with our commitment to fostering connections and economic empowerment for a thriving South Africa," says Taynita Harilal, cofounder of ECAfrica.  "And it's our hope that these conversations convert to a stronger, more connected ecosystem where everyone can contribute to a resource bank that fosters economic opportunities for all.

More than just fostering connections and economic empowerment, ECAfrica spearheads the transformation of South Africa into a thriving economic powerhouse. Innovative initiatives like the ECAfrica Talks podcast exemplify this commitment. The podcast serves as a powerful platform for change, empowering aspiring entrepreneurs with inspiring stories, valuable insights, and access to crucial resources.

ECAfrica's dedication extends beyond the podcast, fostering a vibrant community through engaging fireside chats. This commitment to knowledge sharing ensures ECAfrica remains at the forefront of economic progress, a relevant and trusted leader in shaping a brighter future for South Africa.

Echoing Nelson Mandela's call to action, "Everyone has the ability to make an impact," ECAfrica believes that by sharing knowledge and fostering collaboration, we can collectively empower African entrepreneurs.  This Open Fireside Chats event and resource bank launch embody this commitment, sparking conversations and building a thriving South African entrepreneurial ecosystem.

"At Lebolex, we are selective in our partnerships, choosing to support organizations that share our values. ECAfrica's commitment to social justice, a cornerstone of Nelson Mandela's legacy, deeply resonates with us. This partnership aligns perfectly with our dedication to empowering communities and fostering economic growth. We're excited to participate in the Mandela Day Fireside Conversations and contribute to meaningful discussions that inspire future generations and create positive change,” says Mthokozisi Shangase, Co-founder, Lebolex

We're thrilled to welcome singer-songwriter Noxolo Seleti, who will be joining us for her Mandela Day 67 minutes of giving back! A passionate advocate for community, Noxolo is excited to share her experiences and the inspiration behind her powerful music for social change

Amidst the echoes of a genre craving innovation, Johannesburg-based songstress Noxolo Seti will entertain the guests with her sonic masterpieces that transcends the boundaries of time and convention. She will perform some of her tracks from her album, "Molweni," challenging the status quo and breathing new life into a genre hungry for fresh resonance.

Find our podcast on You Tube - https://www.youtube.com/@ECAfrica

Spotify - https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/ecafrica0/episodes/ECAfrica

To book your place for the dinner (First Come First Served) register on the link below or write to media@jtcomms.co.za

Date:              18 July 2024 (keep an eye out for future Chat dates)

Time:              6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Venue:           African Media Resource Centre

                         Craighall Park

RSVP Now: Register

For Media enquiries contact media@jtcomms.co.za or 011 788 7632

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Mopani, brace yourselves for a powerful explosion of gospel music! The highly anticipated Limpopo Gospel Experience - Road to the Festival auditions are coming to Tzaneen on July 27th, 2024! This is your chance, aspiring gospel singers, to showcase your talent, win life-changing prizes, and potentially share the stage with international and South African gospel giants!

Building on the Success of Capricorn!

The excitement is already building after the incredible Road to the Festival launch in Capricorn. Congratulations to our first two winners, Phemelwa Mahlatji Ratau and Rose Tsweleng, who each walked away with R10,000 and secured their place on the main stage at the Limpopo Gospel Experience on October 26th! This is your chance to follow in their footsteps and become the next gospel music sensation!

Here's Why You Should Audition:

The Details:

Don't miss this incredible opportunity!

Headline Artists Announced and Tickets Selling Fast!

The excitement doesn't stop at the "Road to the Festival" auditions! The Limpopo Gospel Experience main event on October 26th boasts a stellar lineup featuring the internationally acclaimed Minister Sinach, South African gospel powerhouses Spirit of Praise and Joyous Celebration, and more to be announced!

Secure your tickets today and be part of this historic gospel music event! Now available through Computicket (https://computicket.com/) and Shoprite Checkers!
Early Bird Discounts are available for a limited time, so don't delay!

For media inquiries or interview requests contact: media@jtcomms.co.za or call (011) 788 7632

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For more information about the Limpopo Gospel Experience and the "Road to the Festival" auditions, visit our Facebook page on Limpopo Gospel Experience

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Curnance, a pioneering FinTech startup led by Jeremiah Olamijuwon, is revolutionizing the financial experience for Africa's international students and tourists.  Olamijuwon's relentless pursuit of innovation and social impact is reshaping the financial landscape for these

Olamijuwon's contributions to technology, education, agriculture, and financial inclusion have earned him recognition across Africa.  His leadership in social development initiatives includes providing access to technology for underserved communities, promoting public health education, and empowering women through agricultural training.

Inspired by a personal encounter highlighting the struggles of international students, Olamijuwon founded Curnance.  This FinTech platform, named by combining "currency" and "finance," tackles the financial barriers faced by foreigners in Africa.

Curnance: Empowering a New Era of Financial Freedom

Curnance goes beyond a typical FinTech company. It represents a movement for financial inclusion across Africa.

The platform provides users with the tools they need to thrive:

Universal Digital Wallets: Secure and accessible digital wallets enable seamless cross-border transactions.

Credit History Building: Establish creditworthiness in your new African home, unlocking essential financial services.

Instantaneous Money Transfers: Send and receive funds securely and instantly across the continent.

Simplifying Finances, Empowering Individuals

Curnance simplifies currency conversion, facilitates credit building, and offers easy access to financial services, allowing individuals to manage their finances effortlessly.

A Legacy of Innovation and Social Impact

Olamijuwon's dedication extends beyond Curnance.  He founded several ventures, including an IT company that revolutionized university administration, an IT institute empowering youth with tech skills, and an Agritech startup leveraging AI for animal health monitoring. Additionally, he established Just A Chance (JAC), a program promoting diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.

His journey is driven by personal experiences and a deep desire to solve pressing societal issues. His story, encapsulated in the success of Curnance, reflects the challenges and triumphs of African international students and professionals. By providing secure, user-friendly solutions for financial services, Curnance ensures that foreigners in South Africa can settle and thrive without financial hurdles.

Curnance: Redefining the African Financial Landscape

Curnance specifically addresses the financial challenges faced by African international students and tourists in South Africa. By providing seamless currency conversion and credit building tools, Curnance ensures easy access to financial services for foreigners in host countries.  This redefines the financial landscape for Africa's international community.

For more information about Curnance and to schedule an interview with Jeremiah Olamijuwon, please contact: media@jtcomms.co.za or call (011) 788 7632

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About Jeremiah Olamijuwon

Jeremiah Olamijuwon is a visionary leader and entrepreneur with a passion for social impact.  His dedication to solving societal challenges through technology and innovation has established him as a prominent figure in Africa.

The highly anticipated Education Africa International Marimba & Steelpan Festival is set to take place from 27 – 28 July 2024 at St Dominic’s School for Girls in Boksburg. This annual, vibrant event brings together like-minded performers, educators, and enthusiasts from around Africa and South Africa, offering a unique platform to showcase the rich cultural heritage of Africa and foster global unity through marimba and steelpan music.

The theme of this year’s event is Peace and Harmony. Joan Lithgow, Education Africa’s Marimba Specialist and Festival Director says, “Having recently successfully navigated a democratic election and celebrating 30 years of democracy, we wanted a theme for the Festival that reflects what South Africa is currently yearning for – peace and harmony. And what better way to celebrate this with than our annual Education Africa International Marimba & Steelpan Festival.”

Education Africa, the organisation behind this Festival, has a long-standing commitment to advancing education and empowering youth. As part of its broader mission, Education Africa also seeks to create sustainable educational opportunities for disadvantaged communities. The Education Africa International Marimba & Steelpan Festival is one of the organisation's flagship initiatives and serves as a fundraising platform to support the Education Africa Marimba Project, ensuring that more children have access to quality education and artistic development.

“Through the universal language of music, the Festival aims to promote social cohesion, creativity, cultural exchange, appreciation, and understanding among young musicians and our audience,” says Lithgow, adding that participants from diverse backgrounds and age groups will engage in collaborative sessions, fostering connections that transcend borders and nurture a sense of unity among diverse cultures and communities.

The Education Africa International Marimba & Steelpan Festival has indeed become a hallmark event in the South African marimba community. It provides a dynamic platform for young musicians to share their skills, learn from experienced mentors, and explore the captivating rhythms of marimba and steelpan music. In addition to the numerous categories of competitions, the Festival will also feature a range of activities including performances by professional musicians as well as over 90 workshops in various disciplines including gumboot dancing, marimba and steelpan playing, djembe drumming and mbira playing.

In total, attendees will have the opportunity to witness over 330 performances by young people from all over South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe as well as Trinidad and Tobago. A record-breaking number of 2 300 musicians is expected to participate at this year’s event.

Education Africa is confident that the Education Africa International Marimba & Steelpan Festival will once again inspire and empower young musicians. It promises to be an extraordinary celebration of music, talent, and cultural diversity. Join us for an unforgettable experience that combines the infectious rhythms of Africa with the harmonious melodies of the Caribbean.

For media inquiries, interview requests or access to high res pics contact: media@jtcomms.co.za or call (011) 788 7632

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For more information about the Festival, sponsorship opportunities and opportunities to be part of the Flea Market, please visit www.internationalmarimbafestival.org or contact Joan Lithgow at joan@educationafrica.org or 082 266 4229

Note to Editor

About Education Africa:

Education Africa is a non-profit organisation that was founded in 1992 by humanitarian, social entrepreneur, and recipient of the Swiss International Klaus J. Jacobs Award, James Urdang. James was inspired and strongly encouraged by his mentor, Walter Sisulu, to lower educational barriers for the poorest of the poor. Since then, Education Africa has served as a founder, innovator and strategic partner in education, implementing high-impact education initiatives while leveraging ICT to achieve scalable impact. Our work has attracted wide support from a broad spectrum of noteworthy personalities, including the late president Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Helen Suzman and Dr Aggrey Klaaste.

The Education Africa team consists of 31 dedicated and highly skilled staff members. Our team excels at uniting partners around common causes, managing projects effectively, and maintaining rigorous oversight to ensure outcomes are well-tracked. Many team members include eager alumni from our projects who are committed to pay it forward, ensuring future generations can also benefit from our successful and empowering projects. With more than three decades of proven service delivery, we have built a strong partner network and efficient project management processes whilst impacting change and empowering the poorest of the poor through our project work. Our thorough monitoring and oversight mechanisms ensure effective governance and well-tracked outcomes. This approach results in children who are better prepared for school, youth who are more determined to succeed, and entrepreneurial family leaders who are better equipped to provide for their households.

Education Africa is dedicated to improving education and empowering youth across South Africa. Through various programs and initiatives, Education Africa aims to create sustainable opportunities, promote cultural exchange, and foster social development. For more information, please visit www.educationafrica.org

Limpopo Explodes with Gospel!!!

Global Event Announced alongside "Road to the Festival" Talent Search

Music Lovers, Unite! Mark your calendars for a historic celebration of faith and music unlike any other! The highly anticipated Limpopo Gospel Experience explodes onto the scene on October 26th 2024. Get ready for an electrifying atmosphere, a star-studded lineup featuring International and South African gospel giants, and a unique platform to ignite local talent. This event promises to be something special, whether you're a devoted gospel music fan or simply seeking an uplifting and inspiring experience.

The Limpopo Gospel Experience ignites with a star-studded lineup guaranteed to leave audiences in awe. Headlining this historic event is the internationally acclaimed Minister Sinach, whose music transcends borders, uplifting hearts around the world. South Africa's gospel giants, Spirit of Praise and Joyous Celebration, will also take the stage, making this a truly unforgettable night of praise and worship.

Minister Sinach, famed for her powerful voice and inspirational hits like "Way Maker" and "I Know Who I Am," will grace the stage, sharing her uplifting message with thousands of attendees.

Spirit of Praise, a dynamic gospel ensemble known for their powerful performances and collaborations with top gospel artists, will bring their soul-stirring hits like Moy’Oyingcwele and Bamba Mzalwane to Limpopo.

Joyous Celebration, one of the most celebrated gospel choirs in South Africa, renowned for their vibrant performances and eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary gospel music, will also take to the stage in Limpopo. Their hits like Yesu wena UnguMhlobo and Hallelujah Nkateko are sure to captivate audiences.

The Limpopo Gospel Experience isn't just about established stars. It's also about nurturing new talent.  Starting on June 29th 2024, the festival kicks off with a province-wide "Road to the Festival" talent search, offering a unique platform for aspiring gospel singers from Limpopo's five districts:

This exciting audition tour aims to discover fresh local voices. Two winners from each district will earn the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perform alongside the festival's star-studded headliners on the main stage at the Limpopo Gospel Experience!

A Visionary Leader Takes the Stage

Leading the charge is South African business leader, Makgobathe Letsoalo. Known for his success in the security and funeral services industries, Letsoalo is venturing into the entertainment world with a passion for gospel music and a vision to elevate Limpopo's cultural offerings.

"The Limpopo Gospel Experience is more than just a festival," says Letsoalo. "It's about economic empowerment, unlocking unsigned and new talent, and creating spaces beyond COVID-19 to help the creative industry recover. It's also about creating a platform for local talent, stimulating the Limpopo economy, and uniting gospel music lovers across the country."

Witness History in the Making

The Limpopo Gospel Experience promises to be a landmark event for the province. It will create jobs for local vendors, boost tourism, and solidify Limpopo's place on the national gospel music map. Don't miss this chance to be part of something extraordinary!

Tickets for the Limpopo Gospel Experience are now available through Computicket https://computicket.com/ and Shopright Checkers . Don't miss your chance to witness history in the making!

Ticket Pricing:

Follow Us for Updates:

Stay connected with the latest news and information about the Limpopo Gospel Experience and the "Road to the Festival" by following us on social media:

Facebook: Limpopo Gospel Experience

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South Africa's literary landscape is on the cusp of a vibrant renaissance! The DSAC Publishing Hub, back for 2024/25, is calling all storytellers to submit their manuscripts for a chance to be published and receive funding.

This year, as we celebrate 30 years of democracy, the Hub is especially interested in stories that capture the rich tapestry of South African experiences. Unearth hidden gems, explore social issues, or craft captivating novels - the possibilities are endless!

“It's also a chance to reflect on our nation's rich history, diverse cultures, and the journey towards equality. Through literature, we can continue to shape narratives that resonate with the spirit of our nation,” says Dr. Cynthia Khumalo, Acting Director General.

ANFASA in partnership with the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture invites proficient and passionate authors to submit their manuscripts for consideration. This is an exceptional opportunity to contribute to South Africa’s literary landscape, with a chance to receive a grant of R25,000.00 for content development. Successful authors will be paired with experienced publishers who will guide them through the publishing process.

Here's what makes the DSAC Publishing Hub unique:

Uplift Untold Stories in Local Languages: The Hub actively seeks manuscripts in all 11 official languages, including indigenous Khoisan languages. This is your chance to share your story and preserve your heritage!

Empower Authors & Boost the Industry: Selected authors will receive a grant and be paired with experienced publishers, fostering a supportive environment for creative growth.

Celebrate Democracy Through Literature: Commemorate 30 years of freedom by contributing to a national conversation. Reflect on our journey and inspire future generations.

The DSAC Publishing Hub is a significant development for South African literature, offering a platform for diverse voices and stories, particularly those previously unheard. This initiative aligns perfectly with the post-election focus on national identity and reconciliation.

We are excited to embark on this journey with authors and publishers who share our passion for developing and uplifting South African literature,” “Their expertise and dedication, coupled with our commitment, will create impactful literary works that reflect the rich diversity of our nation,” add Dr. Cynthia Khumalo, Acting Director General.

Submission Categories:

Key Dates:

For detailed submission guidelines and requirements, visit the ANFASA website at www.anfasa.org.za and the DSAC website at www.dsac.gov.za

For media inquiries, contact: media@jtcomms.co.za or call (011) 788 7632

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Building on the success of its Gauteng and Limpopo launches, Memeza Community Safety announces a groundbreaking expansion into KwaZulu-Natal. This strategic move marks a significant step up in Memeza's fight against gender-based violence (GBV) and crime.

A Powerful Union: Technology and Community

Memeza, a pioneer in leveraging technology for community well-being, joins forces with the FirstRand Empowerment Foundation to deliver its impactful Systemic GBV Reduction and Prevention Programme in KwaZulu-Natal.  This program actively tackles GBV, marking a turning point in the fight for safer communities, especially for women and vulnerable groups.

Scaling the Impact: KZN Launch

Following successful pilots in Daveyton (Gauteng) and Tshilwavhusiku (Limpopo), Memeza brings its comprehensive approach to KwaZulu-Natal.  This launch leverages cutting-edge technology, e-policing safety networks, and strong partnerships to push boundaries in GBV reduction and crime prevention. The impact seen to date in Daveyton and Tshilwavhusiku at a community level has been overwhelming, and scaling this impact to all provinces in the next 3 years is what the Memeza GBV System Reduction Programme is all about.

As South Africa celebrates 30 years of democracy and heads into another crucial election on May 30th, it's vital to remember the importance of safety and security for a thriving democracy. Memeza's expansion into KwaZulu-Natal reflects our commitment to building a future where all communities, particularly women and vulnerable groups, feel safe and empowered. This aligns perfectly with the democratic ideals of equality and justice. By working together, we can ensure these ideals extend beyond the ballot box and into the everyday lives of all South Africans." - Tlhoho Ngcobo, Memeza Programme Manager and spokesperson: “Memeza's KZN launch isn't just about technology. It's about empowering residents to actively participate in their own safety”

Through this program, the community of Mariannhill, KZN will receive:

GBV Prevention Technology: The Mariannhill community will receive over 2000 Memeza personal alarms, the award-winning Community policing alarm systems linked to emergency services which will be installed in over 200 vulnerable homes, and the Memeza SaferCity app, which will be provided to 100 teachers in the area, that will now have direct access to social workers, as well as security and medical response services.

Response Network Establishment: A dedicated GBV Response Network will be established in the area, enabling over 10 new jobs to be created at a community level, fostering rapid intervention and support for GBV victims.

Community Training and Support: Training and resources will empower residents to identify and prevent GBV and crime incidents.

Measurable Results for a Brighter Future: Memeza's program anticipates significant impacts in KwaZulu-Natal, including: Targeted Reduction in GBV: Aiming for a 5-20% reduction in GBV incidents across communities.

Enhanced Response Times: Faster response systems will ensure greater safety and support for victims.

Community Upliftment: Job creation and community development initiatives will foster a stronger and more resilient social fabric.

Memeza's expansion into KwaZulu-Natal is more than just a program launch. It's a call to action. by uniting with community’s, partners, and supporters, we can create a safer future for all.

Memeza's Systemic Reduction and Prevention of GBV Programme, supported by Public partners such as The South African Police Services, Community Policing Forums, The Civilian Secretariat for Police, Department Social Development, as well as Private partners such as The Tears Foundation, SaferCity, Business Against Crime and AURA, seeks to create robust community-based GBV reduction programs, united in the fight against gender-based violence and crime.

This long term programme could only be made possible through FirstRand Empowerment Foundation’s unwavering support for the programme, and their commitment towards long term investment into community based impact programmes.

With South Africa grappling with concerning crime rates, particularly the high number of GBV incidents, our upcoming elections on May 30th offer a chance to prioritize safety and security," says Tlhoho Ngcobo, Memeza spokesperson. "Statistics show that KwaZulu-Natal is one of the provinces most affected by GBV. Here at Memeza and working with our funders such as FirstRand Empowerment Foundation, we believe a strong community empowered by technology is the key to tackling this challenge.”

Become a part of the solution. Learn more about Memeza's work and how you can support their efforts at www.memeza.co.za

For media inquiries or interview requests contact: media@jtcomms.co.za or (011) 788 7632

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Innovative open-source platform MyCandidate South Africa ( #MyCandidateSA), spearheaded by Open Cities Lab (OCL), is reshaping voter engagement in South Africa's upcoming 2024 elections. By leveraging technology to provide accessible and transparent information, #MyCandidateSA empowers voters with the knowledge they need to make informed choices at the polls. During the 2021 Local Government Elections, #MyCandidateSA reached over 118,000 unique users in just 10 days, demonstrating its powerful impact on voter turnout. For the 2024 Elections, #MyCandidateSA aims to reach more voters with easy-to-understand information about the candidates on the ballots.

Tackling Information Barriers with Tech:

In today's digital age, traditional methods of accessing electoral information often present obstacles. Scattered information, cumbersome PDFs, and lack of accessibility can hinder informed participation. #MyCandidateSA tackles these challenges head-on by providing a web-based solution that addresses the lack of accessible candidate information for voters, fostering a more informed electorate through technology. Our platform saves voters’ time by presenting candidate information in a more accessible format than lengthy PDFs. For example, the only way to view a list of the parties and candidates in this year’s elections is through a long document published by the IEC. It is cumbersome and time consuming to sift through. The MyCandidate South Africa page is far simpler, with users simply choosing their province from a drop down selector and getting a succinct list of parties and independent candidates that they will see on the ballot paper on election day, as well as the option to click through to a Google search of the party or candidate if they would like to research further.

This empowers voters to quickly find the information they need, regardless of technical background.

Open-Source for Broader Impact:

Beyond the South African elections in 2024, #MyCandidateSA's open-source code allows for customisation and adaptation by  organisations in other countries facing similar challenges. This fosters a collaborative effort to improve democracy and voter engagement practices globally - a core mission of Open Cities Lab.

OCL Calls for Collaboration:

Open Cities Lab invites South African voters, newsrooms, media houses and CSOs  to join the movement towards a more informed and inclusive democracy by making use of the MyCandidate South Africa platform ahead of the 2024 Elections. Together, we can harness the power of innovative technology and open-source platforms to strengthen democratic processes for a more democratic future in South Africa.

Get Involved:

To learn more about #MyCandidateSA and Open Cities Lab visit [https://southafrica.mycandidate.africa/] 

MyCandidate South Africa (official page for 2024 elections). Join us in leveraging technology for a stronger democracy - find your candidates, vote informed!

For media inquiries or interview requests contact media@jtcomms.co.za or call (011)788 7632.

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The Market Theatre Foundation proudly reflects on a year of exceptional performances and community engagement as it gears up to launch its exciting programme for 2024/25. Building on a year of significant success and new energy under Artistic Director, Greg Homann, the Foundation has enjoyed over 55,000 attendees at productions and events over the past twelve months, including multiple sell-out shows and over 40 Naledi Nominations. While the Foundation continues to advance its commitment to pushing boundaries and promoting diverse voices in South African arts and culture, it is also working to find enhanced synergy across its four units - The Market Lab, The Market Theatre, The Market Photo Workshop, and the Windybrow Arts Centre.

"The past year has been about building on the good brand of The Market Theatre Foundation while honing in on what this legacy stands for," said Homann. "We're thrilled to continue this momentum into the new season, offering audiences an array of thought-provoking productions and activities that celebrate our rich heritage, tackle pressing social issues, entertain, and enable artists of all levels of experience."

The completion of the refurbished Barney Simon Theatre ushers an added vitalisation of the Market Theatre, coupled with the refreshing of the Market Theatre bar and the transformation of the iconic "Gramadoelas" space into a multifunctional venue. These invigorated spaces promise to be a hub of cultural vibrancy, offering a diverse array of events including jazz nights, spoken word performances, poetry gatherings, book launches, cabaret shows, stand-up comedy acts, and drag performances. Available for rental functions, this versatile historic building aims to cater to the dynamic needs of its community. Moreover, with the addition of a newly equipped kitchen, the Market Theatre will soon introduce light meals to complement its rich cultural offerings, enhancing the overall experience for patrons in the second half of the year.

Across 2024, The Market Theatre Foundation proudly presents a season of work titled "30 Years of Democracy," honouring South Africa's journey to democracy while confronting contemporary societal challenges. Notable productions include "The Cry of Winnie Mandela," a poignant exploration of history and the enduring resilience of South African women; "The Brothers, Number One and a Weekend Special," a narrative delving into power dynamics, influence, and the rise of State Capture; "The Unlikely Secret Agent," a moving portrayal of bravery amidst adversity, based on Eleanor Kasrils' true story; and "The Robert Sobukwe Project," commemorating the centenary of Sobukwe's birth by delving into his correspondence with journalist Benjamin Pogrund during his imprisonment on Robben Island.

Alongside these productions are three dynamic festivals: Jomba! @ The Market, KAZA KAMBA Pan African Theatre Festival, and The Newtown Jazz & Heritage Festival, each showcasing a diverse array of talent locally, from across the continent, and beyond.

The Market Theatre Foundation is committed to fostering partnerships that enrich and diversify the cultural landscape. This year, it will collaborate with many esteemed partners and organizations. Homann shared that, “The Market Theatre Foundation recognizes the invaluable contributions of its partners, which this year include Aardklop, the Centre for Creative Arts (CCA), Niki’s Jazz Oasis, the French Institute, PACOFS, ArtsINSIDEOUT, The Art Cave, World Press Photo Foundation, The Neubauer Collegium for Culture and Society, The Centre for the Less Good Idea, and many others.” He adds, “These partnerships are more vital than ever to us in the current economy, making our programming possible, enriching our offering and extending our reach. Together, we can create a more inclusive and dynamic arts community."

As part of the Foundation’s commitment to developing new work and talent, the Market Theatre announces a new call-out for artists to submit scripts. Theatre-makers and playwrights can also apply to be an Associate Playwright, or secure a slot at Kippies Fringe to present their work. Last year's Play Development Programme yielded Qondiswa Jame’s new play, ‘Amaxelegu,’ which the theatre is now producing for full production to be staged in August.

The Market Photo Workshop is thrilled to formally introduce its accredited Foundation Course, a significant addition to its educational offerings. Accredited by the Media Information and Communication Technologies (MICT) Sector Education and Training Authority (Seta) and pitched at NQF4 level, the course aims to empower students with crucial skills in written and oral literacy, as well as practical mathematics tailored for real-life and business applications. This comprehensive program merges artistic storytelling with practical knowledge, providing students with a well-rounded education to succeed in various professional endeavours. The course merges artistic storytelling with technology, responding well to a world moving to AI.

The Market Theatre Lab continues to offer part-time courses in acting, screenwriting, and performance, providing opportunities for aspiring artists to hone their craft. It also announces a return of the Saturday Showcases, Dlala Wena! Cherae Halley, Head of The Market Lab says, “Many moons ago, theatre practitioners from all around Johannesburg would gather at the Market Lab on a Saturday and present their work-in-progress to an open audience for constructive criticism and artistic input.” This year, The Lab team will host two showcases, one in May and one in August - open to creatives between the ages of 16 – 35. You’re invited to secure your place and showcase an extract of your new creative project.

Of special note is the announcement of the JOMBA! CCA and Market Theatre Phakamsia Dance Commission, which seeks to support innovative South African dance makers. This annual commission will seek out extraordinary South African dance makers whose work is shifting narratives in both content and form. For 2024, the Phakamisa commission is awarded to Cape Town based Yaseen Manual whose deeply personal and deeply political dance work about his own South African Muslim trajectory linked to ideas of home and belonging, offers dance making at its most dangerous and edgy.

The Windybrow Arts Centre offers two compelling offerings: First, they present Aimé Césaire’s Notebook of a Return to My Native Land, a seminal work of African literature that continues to resonate today with its poignant exploration of colonial oppression and the power of art to transcend boundaries. Through the innovative efforts of Césaire Youth, a teenage arts group, the poem is reimagined and translated into the contemporary context of Hillbrow, reflecting on its themes of identity and liberation. Secondly, Hey Hillbrow! Let’s Dlala! is a vibrant celebration of public performance, taking place on Africa Day and curated by Kwasha! Theatre Company in collaboration with local organizations. This event brings joy and wonder to the streets of Hillbrow, showcasing the creativity and resilience of the community. By fostering such initiatives, the Windybrow Arts Centre demonstrates its commitment to building meaningful relationships with its neighbours and providing a platform for young people to engage with the arts.

Additionally, the Market Theatre Foundation will continue its commitment to storytelling that transcends borders with productions like "Katanga, January 17" which sheds light on the impact of war in the eastern DRC, emphasizing our interconnectedness as Africans.

Greg Homann, Artistic Director of the Market Theatre Foundation, remarked, "Our programme entrenches the Market Theatre as the home of new South African work, telling our stories through various artistic mediums. We welcome a diverse range of work that aims to depict the complexity of where and how we live today."

As the Foundation prepares to unveil more productions in the coming weeks, it remains steadfast in its mission to inspire, challenge, and entertain audiences while fostering meaningful dialogue and reflection within our society.

As The Market Theatre Foundation embarks on this exciting new season, it remains dedicated to pushing boundaries, promoting diversity, and telling the stories that matter.

Keep an eye on The Market Theatre’s website for more announcements as the Foundation continues to expand its programme and engage with audiences across South Africa and beyond.

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Johannesburg, South Africa - April 2024 – The Market Theatre proudly presents the highly anticipated production of THE UNLIKELY SECRET AGENT, an award-winning play based on the extraordinary true story of Eleanor Kasrils and her courageous fight against apartheid in South Africa. Prepare to be transported into the heart of the struggle with this critically acclaimed play, running from 16 May to 2 June 2024.

Based on Ronnie Kasrils' Alan Paton Award-winning book, the production illuminates the remarkable journey of Eleanor Kasrils. Set in 1963 Durban amidst apartheid's turmoil, Eleanor, an unassuming bookstore worker and single mother, becomes a clandestine operative for the ANC. When her lover, Ronnie Kasrils, a wanted "terrorist," is pursued by authorities, Eleanor confronts the brutality of the Special Branch. Arrested, interrogated, and targeted by the Security Police, Eleanor must summon all her strength to protect her comrades and plan her escape.

Directed by the acclaimed Paul du Toit, THE UNLIKELY SECRET AGENT is a powerful testament to the human spirit's resilience. The play not only sheds light on apartheid's horrors and police brutality but also celebrates the unwavering spirit of those who fought for freedom.

A captivating cast of five actors brings this important story to life. Erika Breytenbach-Marais delivers a powerful performance as Eleanor Kasrils, while the ensemble cast masterfully portrays a multitude of characters, showcasing the era's complexities. The talented supporting cast, including De Klerk Oelofse, Wessel Pretorius, Sanda Shandu, and Ntlanhla Kutu, adds depth and nuance to the production.

THE UNLIKELY SECRET AGENT has garnered critical acclaim, winning prestigious awards such as the 2022 Fleur Du Cap Award for Best Director for Paul du Toit and the 2023 Fleur Du Cap Award for Best Performance by a Supporting Actor in a Play for Carlo Daniels. It was also nominated for several other Fleur Du Cap Awards and won Best Production and Best Director at the 2022 US Toyota Woordfees.

Playwright and director Paul du Toit emphasizes Eleanor Kasrils' remarkable humanity, stating, "Her bravery was quiet, her suffering without self-pity. In the face of senseless violence, she was gentle and witty." The play not only commemorates South Africa's struggle for democracy but also sheds light on gender-based violence and police brutality.

"I am thrilled that the dramatic story of a young woman's courageous battle with the South African security police in the 1960's, is coming to the stage... You will question yourself - could you have stood up against apartheid as this slender young woman did?" - Ronnie Kasrils

Don't Miss This Powerful Production - THE UNLIKELY SECRET AGENT promises a captivating and thought-provoking theatrical experience.

Performance Details

Venue: The Market Theatre, Johannesburg

Dates: 16 May to 2 June 2024

Running Time: 90 minutes with a 15-minute interval

Age Restriction: PG14 (contains strong language, racial prejudice, and gender-based violence)

For bookings and inquiries:

For media inquiries, interview requests or press passes contact media@jtcomms.co.za or call (011)788 7632. High-resolution images and interviews with the cast and crew are available upon request.

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Soweto, South Africa, April 19, 2024 – In a landmark year commemorating 30 years of democracy in South Africa, the National School of the Arts (NSA) proudly presents "Sho't Left Broadway" at the Gibson Kente Theatre, Soweto Theatre, from May 16 to May 19, 2024.

"Sho't Left Broadway" is a captivating South African production that delves into the aspirations of a young girl named Naledi, meaning "star," who dreams of a Broadway career. Written by Tshepo Ratona and directed and choreographed by Lesego van Niekerk, this musical journey weaves together themes of dreams, legacy, and the quest for success against a backdrop of beloved South African musical repertoire.

The narrative follows Naledi's pursuit of her dream role as Sarafina, juxtaposed against familial challenges and encounters with departed artists in an otherworldly waiting room. "Sho't Left Broadway" features over forty talented NSA learners who sing, dance, act, and play in the band, showcasing the school's commitment to nurturing young performing artists.

Brenda Sakellarides, Artistic Director of the National School of the Arts, underscores the significance of this debut at Soweto Theatre: "The NSA seeks broader exposure to share our unique creativity with a wider audience. Performing in the Gibson Kente Theatre is a crucial step towards showcasing our talents at a national level."

“To commemorate 30 years of democracy, Soweto Theatre presents "Sho't Left Broadway" in collaboration with the NSA. This initiative by Soweto Theatre in collaboration with schools aims to ensure that the youth are involved and contribute to the economy of life. Youth need support, exposure and access to facilities such as Soweto Theatre that enable them to make life choices in terms of social participation, positive identity, life skills and creativity offered through exposure to the performing arts, contributing to greater progress in the social and economic inclusion of youth, especially from a young age. Says, Vincent Motau - General Manager at Soweto Theatre, and asking why not partner with these schools to create joint promotional opportunities?

Making up the creative team is Siya Dlungwana as musical director and Wilhelm Disbergen as lighting designer. “Sho’t Left Broadway” was recently nominated for two Naledi Theatre awards for best production and best actress in the student theatre category.

Audiences of all ages are invited to experience this vibrant production that celebrates South African musical heritage while exploring universal themes of hope, redemption, and the pursuit of dreams. "Sho't Left Broadway" promises to leave hearts warmed and spirits uplifted.

Tickets for "Sho't Left Broadway" at the Gibson Kente Theatre, Soweto Theatre, can be purchased online or at the box office. Don't miss this unforgettable showcase of young talent from the National School of the Arts.

For media inquiries and interview requests, access to High resolution pictures and access to artists please contact: media@jtcomms.co.za , (011) 788 7632 or 083 954 6133

Ticket Prices – Students R100 – Adults R150 and can be purchased from www.webtickets.co.za – Also call -  010 446 1462 or visit www.sowetotheatre.com

About National School of the Arts (NSA)

The National School of the Arts is a leading School of Specialisation in Performing and Creative Arts, nurturing future stars of South African stages and screens. Located in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, NSA is dedicated to fostering creativity, authenticity, and excellence in the performing arts.

Johannesburg, South Africa, 2 April 2023 - A story of resilience and reinvention takes centre stage as South African communications powerhouse, JT Communication Solutions, celebrates its 20th anniversary on April 1st, 2024. Founded by Vanessa Perumal, a resilient business trailblazer and cancer survivor who defied the odds, JT Comms remains the first Black woman-owned communications agency post our 30 year democracy still operational in South Africa's competitive communications landscape in its scale.

Perumal's story embodies the spirit of JT Communication Solutions. Just four years ago, battling a life-threatening cancer, Chondrosarcoma, at the start of Level 5 COVID lockdown, that forced her to trade her vocal cords for survival, Vanessa emerged stronger than ever. This unwavering spirit of resilience, however, is being tested once again. JT Comms, like many businesses, is navigating the current economic climate with a renewed focus on innovation and strategic partnerships.

As JT Comms celebrates its anniversary, the agency looks to the future with a determination to not only survive but thrive. By nurturing a new generation of talented leaders and forging strategic partnerships, JT Comms is charting a new course. This ensures its legacy of empowering African voices will continue to flourish for decades to come.

Over the past two decades, JT Comms has established itself as a leader in strategic communication, fostering growth for a diverse clientele across the cultural landscape, public and private organisations, NGO’s and academic sectors. With a proven track record of success, including serving prominent artists and managing major national and international events, JT Comms remains dedicated to amplifying African voices with a major focus on African start-ups.

This 20th anniversary isn't just about looking back; it's about paving the way for a brighter future. JT Comms seeks strategic partnerships to amplify their impact and empower the next generation of African entrepreneurs.

JT Comms' commitment to social impact is evident in initiatives like the African Media Resource Centre (AMRC), a vital hub for independent media professionals, and the #ECAfrica platform, a revolutionary tech platform focused on empowering African entrepreneurs in tackling climate change solutions.

The agency's YES program, a collaboration with a visionary enabler, has been strategically rebooted. This unique program empowers startups by establishing in-house PR units and offering critical skills transfer through hands-on training by talented individuals. JT Comms seeks partnerships to further develop this program and its #ECAfrica Resource Bank.

Looking beyond the anniversary celebration, JT Comms welcomes collaborations and sponsorships to support critical initiatives. Opportunities include:

JT Comms believes in the power of collaboration to cultivate a thriving ecosystem for African entrepreneurs. They invite like-minded organizations to join them in shaping a brighter future.

The agency has consistently adapted to the evolving communication landscape. This dedication to growth is evident in its expansion into the tech sector with #ECAfrica, a revolutionary start-up tech platform focused on empowering African entrepreneurs in tackling climate change solutions.

JT Communication Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of services, including media relations, publicity, brand building, crisis communication, social media strategy, event planning, and content creation. This extensive service portfolio positions them as a one-stop shop for diverse communication needs, catering to both small businesses and blue-chip enterprises.

Vanessa Perumal's leadership has been instrumental in JT Communication Solutions' success. In December 2022, she was awarded the prestigious President's Inaugural SMME Award for Best Leader with a Social Disability, further solidifying her position as a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Building a Collaborative Future:

This anniversary celebration isn't just about looking back; it's about paving the way for a brighter future for African entrepreneurs. JT Communication Solutions recognizes the challenges faced by startups, particularly in securing vital PR and marketing support. To address this, we're launching a groundbreaking initiative: "20 in 20: Empowering Entrepreneurs."

Through a dedicated podcast series, we'll profile 20 inspiring entrepreneurs, sharing their stories and journeys. Beyond the podcast, JT Communication Solutions is committed to going further. We understand the financial constraints faced by many startups. That's why we're offering flexible PR support options, including a "pay what you can" model in select cases. This innovative approach ensures that cost doesn't become a barrier to accessing essential communication services.

JT Communication Solutions understands the realities of running a business, especially in a challenging environment. That's why, to celebrate this milestone, we're offering a unique opportunity to 20 entrepreneurs. We'll be creating vlogs, podcasts, and marketing support to profile their businesses, disrupting the market and showcasing the power of collaboration. This initiative not only empowers the next generation but also demonstrates JT Comms' unwavering commitment to fostering a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The true game-changer, however, is our "pay what you can" model. This innovative approach is driven by JT Comms' co-founder, Vanessa Perumal, and her successor, her daughter, a PhD graduate who brings valuable expertise to the #ECAfrica platform. Together, they're revolutionizing how we support startups by offering flexible PR support, leveraging talent from the YES program, and demonstrating the critical role climate change solutions play in rebuilding South Africa's economy.

While budgetary limitations may restrict the scope of the celebration, the agency is leveraging its existing resources to create maximum impact. The African Media Resource Centre (AMRC), conveniently located and equipped, becomes the perfect venue for the "Fireside Conversations" series. This not only showcases the AMRC's functionality but also demonstrates JT Comms' commitment to utilizing existing spaces for impactful initiatives.

Like most companies, the current economic climate has demanded deep introspection and strategic adaptation," says Vanessa Perumal, founder of JT Communication Solutions. "However, JT Comms has always thrived on challenges. This anniversary marks a new chapter, one where we leverage our experience and resources to empower a new generation of African entrepreneurs. Together, we can build a brighter future for our communities and our continent.

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The National School of the Arts, renowned for being an incubator of the stars of tomorrow, brings to the magnificent Mandela Stage at the Joburg Theatre – The NSA JAZZ & POP Ensembles – in Concert for two unforgettable nights on the 8th and 9th March. 

Flavoured with South African music, the NSA band will be joined on stage by the impressive NSA Choir – rivalling the best in the land and featuring NSA vocalists, backing vocalists and solo instrumentalists, with the NSA dancers adding their flare to what promises to be an exceptionally entertaining and inspiring concert. These young artists will mesmerize audiences with their craftsmanship and infectious energy.

Adding to the allure of the evening are the guest appearances of acclaimed artists Pilani Bubu and Noxolo Seti. Audiences can anticipate an eclectic fusion of styles and a showcase of extraordinary talent that transcends generations and boundaries – in music, we are one!

Featured in the line-up is a tribute to the late Gloria Bosman, the artist in residence at the NSA at the time of her passing. It is an appropriate platform to celebrate her legacy. 

A firm friend and advocate of the NSA, the magnetic and soulful Pilani Bubu, whose FOLKLORE FESTIVAL has its home at the NSA, is looking forward to sharing the stage again with the NSA musicians.

Fusing her Xhosa roots and influences into her fresh sound is songbird NOXOLO, whose vision to connect and find ways to work with young musicians will again resonate on this NSA platform.

Musical direction is in the hands of Siyanqoba Dlungwana, with choir maestro Xolani Noveld and Lwazi Khuzwayo adding their expertise to the vocal direction. NSA alumni Ontlametsi Phutu is also a key player in the music department team. Award-winning Wilhelm Disbergen is lighting the show while matric learner Chidera Nwoha from the Dance Department is choreographing and emceeing the performance. 

Bookings for NSA Jazz & Pop Ensembles in Concert are through web tickets and Joburg Theatre. 

The tickets are affordably priced at R150 and R100 for students and pensioners. 

Led by the prodigious talents cultivated at the NSA National School of the Arts, this ensemble promises to deliver an unparalleled musical experience. 

"We are thrilled to showcase the exceptional talents of our students and celebrate the vibrant diversity of South African music," says Thabang Phiri, the Head of the Music Department at the NSA National School of the Arts. "This concert is a testament to our commitment to nurturing the next generation of musical pioneers and fostering a love for the arts in our community."

Don't miss this opportunity to witness the NSA stars shining in the spotlight! Join us at the Mandela Theatre in Joburg Theatre on the 8th and 9th of March at 7:00 PM for the NSA JAZZ & POP ENSEMBLES in CONCERT!

Tickets are available for purchase at Webtickets. For more information, visit www.joburgtheatre.com  or www.artschool.co.za

For media inquiries, interview requests or access to high res pics contact Dee’s Harilal on Media@jtcomms.co.za or 011 788 7632 or 083 954 6133

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Flavoured with South African music, the NSA band will be joined on stage by the impressive NSA Choir – rivalling the best in the land and featuring NSA vocalists, backing vocalists and solo instrumentalists, with the NSA dancers adding their flare to what promises to be an exceptionally entertaining and inspiring concert. These young artists will mesmerize audiences with their craftsmanship and infectious energy.

Adding to the allure of the evening are the guest appearances of acclaimed artists Pilani Bubu, Noxolo Seti and NSA alumni Mpumi Dhlamini. Audiences can anticipate an eclectic fusion of styles and a showcase of extraordinary talent that transcends generations and boundaries – in music, we are one!

Featured in the line-up is a tribute to the late Gloria Bosman, the artist in residence at the NSA at the time of her passing. It is an appropriate platform to celebrate her legacy. 

A firm friend and advocate of the NSA, the magnetic and soulful Pilani Bubu, whose FOLKLORE FESTIVAL has its home at the NSA, is looking forward to sharing the stage again with the NSA musicians.

Fusing her Xhosa roots and influences into her fresh sound is songbird NOXOLO, whose vision to connect and find ways to work with young musicians will again resonate on this NSA platform.

Multi-instrumentalist, acclaimed producer and NSA alumni Mpumi Dhlamini also joins the line-up of guests with his boundary-pushing, genre-bending sonic expression in the jazz world. With an enduring affection for his old school and a generosity of spirit, Mpumi is always ready to help shape and inspire the new generation of NSA artists. Mpumi Dhlamini also holds the reputation of having saved the iconic NSA School song, which may put in a surprise performance on the night, striking a chord in the hearts of all those who have ever sung the famed school song, which was composed by Wandile Molefe with lyrics by Anne Malabye. 

Musical direction is in the hands of Siyanqoba Dlungwana, with choir maestro Xolani Noveld and Lwazi Khuzwayo adding their expertise to the vocal direction. NSA alumni Ontlametsi Phutu is also a key player in the music department team. Award-winning Wilhelm Disbergen is lighting the show while matric learner Chidera Nwoha from the Dance Department is choreographing and emceeing the performance. 

Bookings for NSA Jazz & Pop Ensembles in Concert are through web tickets and Joburg Theatre. 

The tickets are affordably priced at R150 and R100 for students and pensioners. 

Led by the prodigious talents cultivated at the NSA National School of the Arts, this ensemble promises to deliver an unparalleled musical experience. 

"We are thrilled to showcase the exceptional talents of our students and celebrate the vibrant diversity of South African music," says Thabang Phiri, the Head of the Music Department at the NSA National School of the Arts. "This concert is a testament to our commitment to nurturing the next generation of musical pioneers and fostering a love for the arts in our community."

Don't miss this opportunity to witness the NSA stars shining in the spotlight! Join us at the Mandela Theatre in Joburg Theatre on the 8th and 9th of March at 7:00 PM for the NSA JAZZ & POP ENSEMBLES in CONCERT!

Tickets are available for purchase at Webtickets. For more information, visit www.joburgtheatre.com  or www.artschool.co.za

For media inquiries, interview requests or access to high res pics contact Dee’s Harilal on Media@jtcomms.co.za or 011 788 7632 or 083 954 6133

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In a resounding celebration of South African literature, the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture (DSAC) and the Academic and Non-Fiction Authors Association of South Africa (ANFASA) proudly unveil the results of the DSAC Publishing Hub's 2023/24 Call for Manuscripts. This year's initiative has seen an overwhelming response, with 21 exceptional manuscripts selected for publication.

The literary world is set to witness a remarkable event as DSAC and ANFASA join forces to present the DSAC Publishing Hub Book Launch. Scheduled for 29 February 2024 at Distong Museum of Cultural History in Pretoria, this event marks the culmination of a groundbreaking collaboration that has given rise to 21 extraordinary books, including three masterpieces thoughtfully translated into Braille. Orchestrated with the collaborative efforts of four esteemed publishing houses, these literary endeavors promise to enrich the nation's cultural tapestry, offering readers an array of choices that celebrate linguistic diversity and illuminate unique perspectives.

The four publishing houses include - Dee Wee Productions, Evera Publishing, Jacana Media, and Maluks Books. Each of these publishing giants contributes a unique flavour to the diverse literary tapestry of South Africa.

Dee Wee Productions: Renowned for extending publishing opportunities to authors based in the rural parts of South Africa, and is known for inclusivity and regional representation.

Evera Publishing: Established in 2014, Evera Publishing is the proud home of the internationally renowned Blackbird Books. Led by the visionary Thabiso Mahlape, this trailblazing company continues to redefine the literary landscape.

Jacana Media: A ground-breaking and fiercely independent publisher, Jacana Media is dedicated to publishing works from some of the most imaginative, award-winning, and clear-thinking minds of our time.

Maluks Books: With a notable focus on autobiographies of legendary musicians, Maluks Books has left an indelible mark on the literary world by preserving the life stories of some of South Africa's iconic figures.

"As South Africa commemorates 30 years of democracy, a pivotal moment coinciding with the upcoming national polls, the DSAC Publishing Hub emerges as an important force amplifying the diverse voices that define our nation. The unveiling of the 2023/24 Call for Manuscripts is a testament to the enduring commitment of DSAC and ANFASA to empower authors and breathe new life into our publishing landscape. In my capacity as Chairman of ANFASA, I extend a heartfelt invitation to skilled authors to entrust us with their manuscripts, as together, we continue to shape the narrative of South African literature." says Prof Ngubane, the Chairman of ANFASA.

Among the exceptional manuscripts supported by the DSAC Publishing Hub, two standout creations promise to captivate readers and contribute profoundly to South African literature.

"Umrhayili" by Mafika Jetro Mahlangu:

In this isiNdebele novel, Mafika Jetro Mahlangu intricately weaves a narrative that artfully contrasts traditional laws of old with the modern legal systems of today. With finesse, "Umrhayili" captures the tension between past and present, offering not only entertainment but also an invitation to reflect on the evolving values and norms within our society.

"Molayakgosi" by Motshegofatsi Pitsane:

Hailing from Galotlhare Village in Kuruman, Northern Cape, Motshegofatsi Pitsane, raised by a single mother, unveils her compelling Setswana novel, "Molayakgosi." Despite her Grade 8 status at Iketleletso Middle School in Mothibistad, Motshegofatsi's youthful wisdom shines through the pages as she delves into the dark realm of a chief driven to heinous acts by the absence of an heir. Notably, her impactful work has been thoughtfully converted into Braille, ensuring accessibility to a broader audience.

The Comprehensive list of all recipients and publishing houses include:-

Dee Wee Productions

Evera Publishing

Jacana Media

Maluks Books

For media inquiries, please contact: Media@jtcomms.co.za or 011 788 7632 or 083 954 6133

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Note to Editor:

Please join us at the DSAC Publishing Hub Book Launch, a celebration of 21 remarkable literary works born out of the collaboration between the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture (DSAC) and the Academic and Non-Fiction Authors Association of South Africa (ANFASA). The event is scheduled for 29 February 2024, from 11:00 to 16:00, at Distong Museum of Cultural History in Pretoria. We extend a warm invitation to you to join us and celebrate these literary triumphs that echo the diverse voices of South African authors. Your presence will undoubtedly contribute to the success of this monumental event.

In the ever-evolving landscape of sustainable entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur Connect Africa (#ECAfrica) stands at the forefront, embodying a hallmark of innovation meticulously designed by African leaders to confront critical challenges head-on. This pivotal moment sees the unveiling of strategic collaborations with industry leaders ZAIO and Umdoko Internet, intentionally aligned to shape the inception of ECAfrica’s Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Guided by the visionary leadership of Taynita Harilal, a trailblazing Wits Business School PhD candidate and the CEO of ECAfrica, these strategic partnerships not only propel the platform forward but affirms ECAfrica’s unwavering commitment to driving positive change through technology. As the MVP takes shape, engineered by a dedicated team of software graduate interns and a seasoned mentoring engineering team, ECAfrica emerges not merely as an entity but as a dynamic force designed to solve challenges and redefine the narrative of sustainable entrepreneurship in Africa.

ECAfrica Resource Bank: A Catalyst for Entrepreneurial Growth and Climate Action

In the challenging landscape of South Africa, where unemployment rates persistently soar, ECAfrica emerges as a transformative force, poised to redefine the narrative of entrepreneurship. At the heart of ECAfrica’s innovative approach is the Resource Bank, positioned as a catalyst for entrepreneurial growth and climate action. This initiative, tailored to the specific needs of South Africa, has the potential to revolutionize the economic landscape by addressing critical issues and unlocking opportunities for sustainable development.

The Resource Bank, functioning as a cornerstone for both entrepreneurial growth and climate action, harnesses the power of a circular economy model. In a country grappling with high unemployment rates, this innovative platform presents a solution by redirecting surplus office assets through resale, recycling, and in-kind donations. The result is a dynamic ecosystem that actively champions responsible consumption while addressing pressing concerns related to waste management and environmental sustainability.

By resiliently building communities through a model akin to Uber's approach of not owning storage warehouses, ECAfrica connects validated entrepreneurs with surplus resources in geo-located areas. This not only stimulates economic growth but also offers a practical solution to the challenges faced by undocumented citizens and refugees. Through transparency and tax compliance, ECAfrica’s Resource Bank emerges as a pioneering solution that not only fuels entrepreneurship but also contributes significantly to the socio-economic development of South Africa. With the potential to create jobs, formalize citizen documentation, and enhance tax compliance, ECAfrica stands as a beacon of hope in the pursuit of a prosperous and sustainable future for the nation.

Collaborating with ZAIO, an online coding school, ECAfrica is at the forefront of job creation through its Oracle Work learners youth development program. Leveraging the expertise of ZAIO's software developer graduates, ECAfrica is not only constructing its Minimum Viable Product (MVP) but also empowering youth with comprehensive coding training and workplace experience.

Simultaneously, Umdoko Internet, a technology startup specializing in modern software development, plays a pivotal role in mentorship during the MVP development process. Umdoko Internet's commitment to innovation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) aligns seamlessly with ECAfrica’s mission to drive unemployment down by building capacity for entrepreneurs.

Taynita Harilal, CEO of ECAfrica, draws parallels between the strategic partnerships with ZAIO and Umdoko Internet and the visionary processes employed by leading business schools that birthed transformative global solutions. She states, "Our collaboration with ZAIO exemplifies the innovative spirit of local South African entrepreneurship. By leveraging the expertise of ZAIO’s software developer graduates, we are not just building a robust MVP; we are crafting a solution that resonates globally while addressing the specific needs of our local entrepreneurial landscape. This deliberate approach mirrors the foresight planning embraced by renowned business schools, allowing us to contribute significantly to solving the unemployment crisis in South Africa."

In the case of Umdoko Internet, Harilal emphasizes the wealth of wisdom and knowledge brought by seasoned software engineering veterans, saying, "The mentorship provided by Umdoko Internet is akin to a living case study in utilizing our country's abundant resources to drive entrepreneurship. This strategic collaboration allows us to benchmark and understand how, through mentorship and leadership, we can holistically address challenges. By building a tech platform that not only solves immediate problems but also contributes to our economy and job creation, ECAfrica is pioneering a transformative solution that aligns with global standards while remaining deeply rooted in the South African context."

This localized integration ensures that ECAfrica’s partnerships and initiatives are tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities present in the South African entrepreneurial landscape.

Transformative Leadership and Unprecedented Innovation

Taynita Harilal, as a Wits Business School PhD candidate, embodies transformative leadership at its core. Her visionary approach emphasizes innovation, collaboration, and the proactive pursuit of solutions. ECAfrica’s innovative initiatives, from the Resource Bank to job creation programs, showcase a disruptive model that addresses not only business challenges but also societal issues.

South Africa's entrepreneurial landscape is witnessing a paradigm shift with ECAfrica’s intentional and systematic tech solution. Designed to break the mould of traditional networks, ECAfrica aims to amplify entrepreneurship, validate credibility, and resource entrepreneurs. With the unique combination of sustainable solutions, job creation, and fostering entrepreneurship, ECAfrica is poised to become Africa's game-changing tech enabler, potentially reaching unicorn status.

Join ECAfrica on Its Pioneering Journey

ECAfrica invites investors, supporters, and advocates to join its mission of innovation, job creation, and sustainable entrepreneurship. The strategic partnerships highlighted here exemplify ECAfrica’s commitment to pushing the boundaries, creating a transformative impact on both local communities and the African continent.

For media inquiries, interview requests or more info contact media@jtcomms.co.za or call 011 788 7632

Issued by JT Communication Solutions on behalf of ECAfrica, Umdoko Internet and ZAIO

Amidst the echoes of a genre craving innovation, Johannesburg-based songstress Noxolo emerges from a decade-long hiatus, delivering a sonic masterpiece that transcends the boundaries of time and convention. Her much-anticipated album, "Molweni," unfolds as a groundbreaking chapter in the South African music narrative, challenging the status quo and breathing new life into a genre hungry for fresh resonance.

A native of Cape Town, Noxolo's journey is not just a return; it's a deliberate step into the bigger picture she envisions for herself and her audience. Choosing to flow with life, she introduces "Molweni" as more than an album – it's a declaration of artistic revival, a fusion of Xhosa elements, and a testament to her evolved storytelling prowess. "Molweni" serves as a testament to Noxolo's extraordinary storytelling abilities. Delving into various facets of love and its essence, the album is a tapestry of emotions and reflections that resonate with the soul. The lyrics unfold against the backdrop of Xhosa elements, providing a deeply personal exploration of Noxolo's life journey. Produced by the industry giant Sibusiso Victor Masondo, the album showcases a profound musical evolution since her debut, emphasizing maturity in voice and delivery.

Collaborating with industry stalwarts such as Bra Vic and JB Arthur, Noxolo's dream of working with these legends became a reality. The album features an array of exceptional talents, including Mark Fransman, Sisonke Xhonti, Tlale Makhene, and Tshego Teefo, among others. A dream closest to Noxolo's heart materialized as she recorded with both her sons on the uplifting track "We are Gods," reinforcing the message that humanity carries the essence of divinity within.

Remembrance and Connection:

The album's title track, "Molweni," marks Noxolo's joyous return to her roots and her people after a prolonged absence. It reflects her homecoming not only to her origins but also to her true passion – singing and making music. Through Molweni, Noxolo encourages listeners to find the liquid love residing within them, emphasizing the importance of family and acknowledging the deep need we all share of going home.

"Molweni" is more than a greeting; it is a profound acknowledgment of self and a joyous announcement of Noxolo's return to the stage, where she finds her fulfilment and healing. The compositions speak to the interconnectedness of all beings, emphasizing the critical role of love in building more whole humans and civilisations.

Following the album release, Noxolo plans to tour the country, sharing her music with both old and new fans. Her aspirations extend to international collaborations and touching lives with her message of unconditional love. Beyond "Molweni," she envisions establishing her own studio to mentor aspiring musicians, sharing her journey and experiences without imposing her own story.

Noxolo draws inspiration from life's lessons and reminders to stay connected to Source and our own inner beings. Influenced by the likes of Mam Miriam Makeba, Ms Brenda Fassie, Melody Gardot, India Arie, and the late Whitney Houston, her unique sound spans genres and speaks to the soul.

Noxolo expresses gratitude for the enduring support of her fans, old and new, who have embraced her music. A recent performance in Cape Town revealed the timeless appeal of her 11-year-old debut album, showcasing the lasting impact of her musical journey.

Looking ahead, Noxolo envisions not only personal growth but also opportunities to connect and inspire others. She aims to create a space for young musicians and share her story without imposing her narrative.

For media inquiries, interviews, or further information, please contact: media@jtcomms.co.za or (011) 788 7632 or 083 954 6133

Issued by JT Communication Solutions on Behalf of Noxolo Seti and Molweni - www.noxoloseti.com

About Noxolo:

Noxolo, a born storyteller and captivating songstress, hails from Cape Town. Her music transcends genres, offering a soulful experience that resonates with diverse audiences. With a decade-long journey in the industry, Noxolo's return with "Molweni" promises an enchanting blend of storytelling, love, and musical brilliance.

Join Noxolo on her Journey:

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In response to South Africa's ongoing energy challenges, SNE' LANGA SOLAR SYSTEMS, affectionately known as COVIVI, pioneers a transformative vision. Founder Liyanda Ka Ndaba leads the charge in bridging the solar gap through innovative Stokvel solutions, propelling sustainable energy amidst the nation's pressing challenges.

In a pioneering move to bridge the solar gap in South Africa's marginalized communities, SNE' LANGA SOLAR SYSTEMS, known affectionately as COVIVI, emerges as a trailblazer in revolutionizing renewable energy solutions. Founded by visionary Liyanda Ka Ndaba in February 2020, the company not only envisions transforming the energy landscape but also pioneers innovative ways to make solar power accessible and affordable. At the heart of this groundbreaking approach is the recognition of the power and potential of Stokvel savings schemes, providing a unique solution to uplift struggling communities and democratize access to sustainable energy.

In a groundbreaking move to confront South Africa's persistent energy crisis, creating a solution to allow more communities to have access to Solar Energy is at the forefront of revolutionizing renewable energy solutions. Liyanda, a novice in the energy solar sector, occupied a seat and upskilled herself to find new solutions post Covid to remain relevant, pivot, and learn a new competency. Today, her company has swiftly adapted to become a trailblazer amid these demanding times where South Africa’s energy crisis is causing havoc.

The genesis of SNE' LANGA SOLAR SYSTEMS is rooted in the understanding that migrating to solar power is a pressing need for all South Africans, yet the challenge lies in covering the associated costs. Recognizing the proven efficacy of Stokvel savings schemes in struggling communities, where members pool funds to support each other, Liyanda Ka Ndaba identified a gap that could revolutionize the adoption of solar energy.

Liyanda Ka Ndaba has a personal connection to the struggle for sustainable energy access in South Africa, grounded in her mother's involvement with the Johannesburg Retired Teachers Association (JORETA). As the daughter of a retired school teacher, Liyanda attended JORETA's retirement pension fund meetings, using these gatherings as a platform to introduce her groundbreaking vision. In one such meeting, she passionately shared how Stokvels could serve as a dynamic vehicle for pooling resources, enabling each member to afford solar solutions. This engaging pitch unfolded before a captivated audience eager to embrace an innovative approach to harnessing solar power. The focal point of SNE' LANGA SOLAR SYSTEMS lies in the revolutionary Solar Stokvel model, strategically positioned to bridge the gap and democratize access to sustainable energy solutions. This visionary initiative not only addresses the immediate needs of struggling communities but also aligns seamlessly with the broader mission of integrating digital and tech innovations into the solar ecosystem.

The impetus behind the venture was the glaring issue faced by South African communities during load shedding. Liyanda recognized a need for reliable backup systems, and thus, Sne’langa was born. As load shedding continues to plague South Africa, Liyanda envisions the company as a solution provider, catering to the nation's pressing need for dependable energy sources.

As South Africa grapples with the extended challenges of load shedding and energy instability, SNE' LANGA SOLAR SYSTEMS has tailored its offerings to provide cutting-edge solutions. Liyanda Ka Ndaba, the founder, underscores the urgency of meeting the ever-growing demand for reliable energy alternatives.

SNE' LANGA SOLAR SYSTEMS specializes in the 3kva solar system, a popular choice among customers. Beyond installations, the company offers services such as solar panel cleaning, larger system constructions, and the installation of solar camera systems. Notably, the company embraces digital energy and the metaverse, utilizing digital tools and platforms to revolutionize the energy generation process.

The company's target audience includes stokvel groups with common goals and retired government employees. What sets SNE' LANGA apart is its unique solar stokvel model, accommodating all income levels and offering three flexible payment options. This inclusive approach enables the company to reach a broad spectrum of clients, including those with lower incomes.

Liyanda's journey started during a learnership period, where she gained valuable insights into energy transformation. Despite facing challenges as a woman in a male-dominated industry, she persevered, aided by a supportive external team. Overcoming skepticism about solar installations, she aims to make renewable energy adoption widespread, positioning SNE' LANGA as a global leader in green energy solutions.

In a strategic move to fortify township economies, SNE' LANGA SOLAR SYSTEMS is actively collaborating with stokvels. The company recognizes the transformative power of these community-driven savings schemes and aims to empower them further. Plans to approach the government for rebates for pensioners within stokvels underscore the commitment to community well-being.

Recognizing the significance of stokvels in South African culture, SNE' LANGA collaborates with these groups to provide alternative energy solutions. Members enjoy benefits such as free solar panel services and unique perks like a free iron and solar kettle with the purchase of a 3kva system. The company's role extends beyond business; it actively contributes to financial literacy and sustainable energy practices within stokvel communities.

SNE' LANGA envisions expansion by engaging with the government to secure rebates for pensioners in stokvels. Short-term goals include building a robust stokvel database, while long-term plans involve introducing solar stokvels to township businesses. The company has received recognition as a digital space innovator and aims to continue this momentum.

For customers interested in solar systems, SNE' LANGA offers flexible payment plans: cash on delivery, a 50% deposit with the balance on installation day, and a half-price option with a 25% deposit on installation day and the following month.

SNE' LANGA SOLAR SYSTEMS, born out of crisis, stands as a beacon of innovation, offering practical solutions to South Africa's energy challenges. The company's commitment to inclusivity, community empowerment, and sustainability positions it as a key player in the renewable energy sector.

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In a profound initiative merging technological innovation with the urgent fight against gender-based violence (GBV), Memeza Community Safety proudly unveils its Systemic GBV Reduction and Prevention Programme in Tshilwavhusiku, Limpopo, timed strategically with 16 Days of Activism.

Memeza, a pioneer in leveraging cutting-edge technology for community well-being, continues to make impactful strides in the sector. Through its FirstRand Empowerment Foundation-backed programme, Memeza aims to not only address but actively reduce GBV, marking a pivotal moment in the ongoing battle against violence towards women and vulnerable communities.

The Memeza GBV Reduction and Prevention Programme takes centre stage in Tshilwavhusiku, Limpopo. Following the successful pilot in Daveyton (Ekurhuleni), this initiative continues to push boundaries in crime prevention and GBV reduction through cutting-edge technology, e-policing safety networks, and strategic partnerships.

This launch of the Memeza GBV Reduction and Prevention Programme, funded through the FirstRand Foundation Empowerment Fund takes place on 6 December 2023, Ravele Community Hall, Tshilwavhusiku, Limpopo.

Founder and visionary, Thuli Mthethwa, states, "Our commitment to combating Gender-Based Violence and fostering community safety remains unwavering. This Limpopo launch is a testament to the impact Memeza can make, addressing the urgent need for systemic change."

The unveiling in Tshilwavhusiku, Limpopo, strategically aligns with the 16 Days of Activism, emphasizing the urgency and unity required to address GBV comprehensively. This launch event expects over 600 delegates, including prominent figures across various sectors, showcasing a collective dedication to combatting GBV and enhancing community safety.

The Tshilwavhusiku project promises a transformative journey, marked by community-based interventions, the deployment of GBV Prevention Technology, and the establishment of response structures. Leveraging technology and information systems, this initiative, sponsored by the FirstRand Empowerment Foundation, seeks to reduce GBV and crime, protect educational resources, enhance response mechanisms, create jobs, and uplift the community.

The Systemic Reduction and Prevention of GBV Programme, pioneered by Memeza and supported by partners such as SAPS, CPF, CSPS, and DSD, aims to create robust community-based SGBVF reduction programs. It is poised to provide technology solutions linked to SAPS and GBV response networks, fostering a united front against gender-based violence and crime.

This GBV Reduction and Prevention Programme Limpopo, stands firmly on a multifaceted approach to foster community well-being. The primary objectives include a targeted reduction in gender-based violence (GBV) and sexual offenses, aiming to create safer environments for residents and learners in schools. Simultaneously, the programme strives for a general reduction in crime, working towards cultivating an atmosphere of security and trust.

As a holistic measure, the programme aims to enhance the response to both GBV incidents and general crime, fostering a swift and effective intervention system. In the pursuit of broader community development, the programme commits to creating job opportunities, fostering community cohesion, and uplifting the collective spirit. The establishment of a dedicated GBV Response Network further solidifies Memeza's dedication to creating a resilient and interconnected community ready to address and prevent gender-based violence.

The comprehensive GBV Reduction Programme anticipates significant results, including a targeted reduction in GBV by 5 to 20% across communities. In addition, the initiative is set to create 10 vital community jobs, ensuring economic empowerment and sustainability. Furthermore, 100 teachers will benefit from a the Memeza SaferCity mobile panic app, granting them swift access to social workers in case of emergencies. As part of household interventions, 200 Memeza Community Alarms will be installed in GBV-affected homes, enhancing security and providing a rapid response mechanism. Additionally, the distribution of 2000 Memeza personal alarms to GBV victims further amplifies Memeza's commitment to fostering safer communities.

“Scaling this transformative initiative in Tshilwavhusiku, Memeza's ripple effect is poised to inspire similar movements, creating safer communities and setting an example for impactful GBV reduction programs worldwide. The battle against Gender-Based Violence transcends borders, and Memeza Community Safety stands as vehicle to support efforts to advocate for a safer, more secure future” adds Mthethwa.

Join us in this groundbreaking endeavor, uniting against crime and standing in solidarity for safer communities.

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Memeza joins 16 Days of Activism event of the Systemic GBV Reduction and Prevention Programme, in Partnership with the Civilian Secretariat of Police, South African Police Services, Department of Social Development and Limpopo Community Policing Forum.

Memeza Community Safety is poised to revolutionize crime prevention and combat Gender-Based Violence (GBV) through the launch of an ingenious project funded through the FirstRand Empowerment Foundation, 'Practically Reducing Crime and GBV through E-Policing Safety Tech, Response Networks, and Partnerships.' Limpopo province is the second role-out with the first project launched in Daveyton (Ekurhuleni, Gauteng), which was a pioneering initiative leveraging cutting-edge technology to empower individuals, bolster community safety, and forge crucial partnerships. The Limpopo unveiling is intentionally , scheduled to coincide with 16 Days of Activism against GBV

Memeza, one of the GBV deployment partners and beneficiaries of the FirstRand Empowerment Foundation, will spearhead the event and showcase the project, which is set to roll out across various communities over the five-year period. Tshilwavhusiku, Limpopo is the second community to experience the transformational power of this initiative.

The project will assist in creation of community based SGBVF reduction Programmes and response structures, directly linked to predominantly black female SGBVF victims, using technology and information systems, supported by Public Private partnerships. Recipients will receive variety of GBV prevention technology, linked to SAPS and GBV response networks.

The Project objectives are

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Paysho, the groundbreaking online escrow service, is transforming the landscape of online transactions by providing a secure platform for both buyers and sellers. In an era where online fraud and scams are rampant, Paysho emerges as much-needed protection for buyers and sellers, safeguarding all funds until all parties involved in a transaction are completely satisfied that all terms have been met.

The Challenge of Online Transactions

Online classifieds and buy-and-sell platforms have long been plagued by the risk of fraud, creating a barrier for genuine buyers and sellers and opportunities for scammers to rob people of their hard-earned money or belongings. Anyone who has ever tried to buy or sell anything via classifieds or Facebook buy-and-sell groups will know that the process is fraught with fraud. Any sale between strangers, especially those from different towns or cities, requires one of the parties to take a risk, be it the buyer sending money off before they receive the goods or the seller shipping the goods before the buyer pays for them. That unfortunately has created an opportunity for dishonest people to scam others out of their hard-earned cash by either buying and not paying or selling and not delivering the goods.

Paysho addresses this challenge head-on, offering a third-party platform that ensures financial protection and peace of mind for users.

South Africa’s Urgent Need for Secure Transactions

A 2014 survey by global firm PwC revealed that 69% of South African respondents had fallen victim to financial crime, highlighting the urgency for a secure transaction solution. However, a survey conducted by Paysho in 2019, revealed that 86% of online classifieds shoppers had never heard of an escrow service. And therein lies the problem. Although escrow services have been around for decades, they remain fairly unknown by a large number of people who need them. This is evidenced by the number of social media posts from people reportedly having been scammed out of large sums of money or valuable possessions.

And that is where Paysho comes in…

Whether for services or physical and digital goods, Paysho, with its innovative escrow system, emerges as a secure payment platform, addressing the need for South Africans to have a trustworthy platform that safeguards transactions, ensuring that buyers and sellers can transact with confidence.

Bongani Matshisi, the visionary behind Paysho, conceived the platform after personally experiencing the challenges of building trust in online transactions. While selling a product through social media, Matshisi found that potential customers outside of his immediate geographic area were reluctant to send money to him out of fear of getting scammed. After searching and not finding an appropriate solution to this challenge, he decided to create one himself. Reflecting his commitment to creating a secure space in which to transact, Paysho aims to eliminate the fears of scams, providing a haven for buyers and sellers.

“The exchange of goods and services for money has existed for thousands of years. What the internet has done is to widen the marketplace and removed the geographical barriers for buyers and sellers. What that means is that someone in Kimberley can now buy an iPhone from someone in Butterworth and vice versa. Platforms such as Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace have made it very easy for buyers and sellers to transact with each other. However, these platforms are rife with scammers trying to find their next victim. Every day, people are getting scammed out of thousands of Rands by these scammers. With the state of the economy the way as it is, more and more people are having to sell their goods to supplement their income. Phones, computers, Playstations, musical instruments and other high value electronics are some of the items that people are selling on classifieds. And then you get more emotional purchases like pets where criminal syndicates are now taking advantage of emotionally vulnerable people by selling them non-existent dogs or puppies. And then there is the services space where contractors are collecting deposits from home owners and disappearing with them. Or where people are getting work done for them and then not paying the service providers. Paysho exists to eliminate all those problems. Paysho not only serves as a shield against these threats but also envisions a safer, more informed consumer landscape. By embracing Paysho, users not only safeguard their transactions but actively contribute to a community fostering trust, transparency, and financial well-being,” says Bongani Matshisi founder of Paysho who isadamant that together as a collective we can redefine the future of secure online transactions.

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Web Presence:

Explore Paysho’s secure online environment at www.paysho.co.za , and stay connected through their Facebook page: Paysho South Africa.

Empowering Users, Ensuring Trust:

Paysho’s tagline, #BeSureWithPaysho, embodies its mission to instill trust and confidence in online transactions. By safeguarding funds until both parties are happy, Paysho eradicates the uncertainties linked with online buying and selling.

About Paysho:

Paysho, founded by Bongani Matshisi, is an online escrow service dedicated to providing financial protection for buyers and sellers involved in online transactions. With a commitment to revolutionizing the online marketplace, Paysho fosters a culture of trust and security.

The African Women Writers Network in partnership with the Palestine Festival SA (Palfest SA) will host a cultural evening to celebrate the United Nations International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. This solidarity event takes place amidst a war that has resulted in Gaza becoming “a graveyard for thousands of children,” as the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) recently decried. The organisation added, “it is a living hell for everyone else. And yet the threats to children go beyond bombs and mortars.”

The Cultural Evening of Poetry and Music seeks to connect with the Palestinian people and its artists in an act of solidarity. Palestinian musician Bashar Murad captures the need for music and culture in his song Ya Lel, I’ll write songs to heal myself, and the moon will talk with me from my window.

The South African programme will feature poetry, talks and music. The center piece of the evening will be leading jazz vocalist and trombone player Siya Makuzeni, accompanied by Themby Khumalo on vocals and a talented jazz quartet featuring Muhammad Dawjee (saxophone), Tshegofatso Teffo (guitar), Simz Tshabalala (drums) and Gally Ngoveni (bass). Hosted by comedian and medical doctor Suhayl Essa, the evening will also include a special talk by Professor Salim Vally (University of Johannesburg), and poets Dshamilja Roshani and Vuyelwa Maluleka.

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Details for the Event:

A Cultural Evening of Poetry and Music: United Nations International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

Date: Wednesday 29th Nov 2023

Time: 6 to 8.30 pm

Venue: Photo Workshop Auditorium, Market Square, opposite the Market Theatre, Newtown

Address: 138 Lillian Ngoyi St (old Bree St), Newtown, Johannesburg

RSVP: Please email to afroartsurban@gmail.com

Entrance: FREE. Donations of +R100 upwards are welcomed, towards a bursary fund for an arts student in Palestine.

Live Streaming: websites www.awwn.co.za and www.afroarts.co.za, Facebook Page African Women Writers Network

Born on the Cape Flats, Simone Julies-Wicomb, a self-made entrepreneur who triumphed over adversity, is spearheading a transformation in the realm of business process outsourcing (BPO) through her innovative venture, Black Elegance. Established in 2019, this proudly South African firm is far from being just another call center; it's a compelling example of unwavering perseverance and a testament to the measurable strides made in uplifting the youth of Cape Flats and reshaping the call center landscape within our borders and beyond.

Simone's remarkable journey, from teen motherhood to a flourishing business owner, is a source of inspiration and change. owner is a testament to resilience, determination, and unwavering passion. Her vision to empower the youth and revolutionize the call centre industry took tangible form with the inception of Black Elegance. Simone recognized the potential for positive change and seized the opportunity to drive transformation in an industry traditionally dominated by men.

"Amidst the existing challenges," Simone remarks, "my journey has been characterized by a steadfast belief in my capabilities, never allowing myself to feel inferior to my male counterparts. The distinctive perspectives and skill sets that women business owners contribute serve as catalysts for the industry's overall growth and diversity."

Black Elegance's flexible approach has helped it navigate the unique trials of the call centre business realm. Simone's determination to succeed has been stoked within the midst of challenges, propelling Black Elegance to unprecedented heights. The company's strategic partnership with Telkom Business has played a pivotal role in driving expansion. By harnessing Telkom's diverse product offerings and unwavering support, Black Elegance has streamlined operations and broadened its customer base, fostering a vibrant and enduring collaboration.

Black Elegance currently employs approximately 100 individuals, and Simone's vision is to expand the workforce to up to 400 people, a testament to her commitment to job creation in South Africa. Her story is one of resilience and success, showcasing the potential for Black Women-owned businesses in South Africa to excel, expand, and access new markets and partnerships.

Simone concludes, "In each setback, an invaluable stepping-stone toward triumph emerges. To my fellow female entrepreneurs: Cultivate unwavering self-belief, actively seek out mentors, and wholeheartedly embrace challenges as potent opportunities for growth."

Black Elegance offers premium BPO solutions for call centre support, managing both inbound and outbound calls. Their holistic approach maximizes sales, empowers businesses, and keeps operational costs and risks low. In addition to their call centre services, Black Elegance offers specialized logistics, travel management, and private security services, providing a comprehensive suite of solutions for clients locally and globally.

Simone's steadfast determination, combined with Black Elegance's dedication to excellence, places the company at the forefront of inspiration, prepared to expand in both African and global markets.

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