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The ‘VISIONARY Disruptor’

JT Comms

Managing Director, Vanessa Perumal

(Imbokodo 2014 Media Winner & Partner to Festival Au Desert)

Winner of 2014 Imbokodo Award for Women in Media promoting the Arts
Cherri Blair 2014 Mentee on the Entrepreneurship programme
GoldmanSachs-GIBS Entrepreneur Graduate

“Wealth Creation” is an important outcome that Vanessa believes can accelerate social cohesion on the African continent. This doyen of Public Relations and Media, designs solutions to ensure that her clients and projects achieve maximum targeted coverage in traditional and new media spaces.

Determination to scale African products, using digital platforms and campaigns to transform markets for entrepreneurs partnering with businesses - who share the same value system- to build collaborative micro-economies; are the crosshairs of her executive and management focus.


For her, supporting arts and culture isn't merely about paying lip service - she has a genuine love for her work and continues to liver her dream.


Through the Africa for Africans online movement and database(#AfricanNarratives): Vanessa is on a mission and determined to change the voice of communication and ultimately the messaging and impressions of the continent.

The outcome and real-time effect being ‘Africans in the Digital diaspora engage and change the negative narrative for our continent - to one of reality and truth’.

Ensuring that reporting on artistic and cultural development in Africa is fair, balanced and accurate.

During her career she has worked as a journalist and editor of trade publications, as well as in Public Relations, Development Communications and Corporate Communications, and is therefore well acquainted with all sides of the publicity and news spectrum.

As a mother of two, Vanessa is also an international backpacker and an avid hiker. She has travelled to an array of destinations ranging from Cape Town to Cairo, including visiting exotic places such Morocco, Machu Pichu, Europe, India, Malawi and Kashmir.

Vanessa is connected to the movers and shakers in many industries and frequently mixes work with play - as a devoted lover of the local music scene.

She is the first black woman to head the Public Affairs & Communications division at Southern Africa Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO).

Vanessa's progressive, 21st Century executive style of is qualified by and comprised of hands-on experience in:

Audience Development & Conferencing Management
Media Management & Communication Strategy
Brand Positioning and Reputation Management
Corporate Identity Development
Media and IT Technical Solutions
Crisis Communication Strategist