Pioneering Living Legends Multimedia Training Programme Puts Dwindling Arts and Culture Coverage Under The Spotlight

Speaking truth to power, on his poem ‘Degrees’ from the anthology Azanian Love Song,  Dr Don Mattera writes “There is no hurt quite like being unloved, unwanted among one’s own,…

Vanessa Perumal has been contributing to the Standard Bank’s BizConnect portal for a while now. View some of her contributions to this platform where she shares her insights, tips and business advise for Entrepreneurs in general but to SMME’s in particular.

Vanessa Perumal is an award winning Social Entrepreneur, Connector, Lobbyist, Disruptor, Innovator, Visionary, Media and Marketing strategist and thought leader. She is a mom of two teenagers who loves cooking and is on a mission to share original African Narratives. A global citizen, Vanessa is passionate about travelling and exploring new cultures and experiences. She is a savvy #PublictyConnector and on a journey to use digital to disrupt and transform.